7 interesting ways to burn are more than calories

7 interesting ways to burn are more than calories

The summer comes nearer and each woman begins to think of the figure. As a rule, during the winter the couple of extra kilos which want to be dumped as unnecessary cargo quicker is gathered. The exhausting diets and sport will be to the taste not to everyone. There are much easier and interesting ways to force organism to work more actively and to fight against uninvited kilograms.

1. The psychological spirit is not less important, than physical action therefore it is always necessary to motivate itself correctly. Take the photo where on you there is not enough clothes and clearly it is visible figure. Consider all details and note the available shortcomings. Try by means of the photoshop or just marker to correct problem zones and by that to draw new figure at which you aim. Thus you will visually see ideal at which you aim and also to understand the specific actions necessary for achievement of the goal.

2. Do not hide eye from light, and so far on the street not too bright sun, refuse dark glasses. When sunlight gets on eye retina, hormone begins to be produced actively serotonin. It in turn not only lightens the mood, but also increases expense of calories. It is better to choose sunglasses with lenses not of black, but blue color, then the appetite will decrease considerably.

3. The summer time is simply created for departure on the nature. It is good opportunity not only to cheerfully spend time, but also to burn more calories. It is especially useful to get out in pineries or to the blossoming fields. Aromas which are present there in itself are stimulators of disintegration of fats. Collect bouquet from field herbs and put at yourself in kitchen that fat-burning aromas always were near at hand.

4. It is very useful to go barefoot for health, on skin of foot there are about 100 biologically active points which regulate power exchange of our organism. Vozdeystvovav on certain points, it is possible to force the organism to burn more calories. Still the best effect can achieve if to go not on plain surface, and on grass, sand, gravel and other covering.

5. Extra kilos can be burned also by means of the correct breath, this process requires oxygen. Doing respiratory gymnastics in the fresh air it is possible to tighten tummy and to remove couple of centimeters waist and on hips. Sit down in pose of semi-lotus and make deep slow breath, at the same time sticking out stomach. When you feel that the stomach is filled with air, begin to expand thorax. Hold the breath for 5 seconds and begin to exhale slowly air at first from thorax, and then from stomach. Repeat 2-3 times in the beginning, and then increase till 10-15 approaches.

6. Accept the cleaning grass collecting which are suitable for your state of health. Herbs need to be accepted courses in 2-3 weeks. At the same time surely take between receptions break not less than for month.

7. Eat more cellulose which is excellent absorbent. Eat fruit and vegetables with peel, in it there is a lot of trudnousvayaemy cellulose. Fibers of cellulose do not allow digestive enzymes to split sugar to glucose and fructose, and then slow down process of their absorption.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team