7 irreplaceable means for hygiene of oral cavity

7 irreplaceable means for hygiene of oral cavity

How to keep healthy teeth and snow-white smile? The toothbrush and paste perfectly cope with superficial cleaning of teeth. But in hard-to-reach spots the brush is useless and it is necessary to resort to specific methods. Stomatologists strongly recommend complex procedures. The hygiene of oral cavity will take a little time if to have near at hand set of necessary means.

It is required to you

  • • - toothbrush (classical, electric);
  • • - toothpaste;
  • • - tooth thread (Floss);
  • • - conditioner;
  • • - skin;
  • • - tooth brush;
  • • - irrigator


  1. In human body all bodies are interconnected among themselves. The bad hygiene of oral cavity involves not only dental problems and also become the cause of numerous diseases of internals. Scientists have defined more than sixty diseases arise because of bad tooth care. Among the most often found: • Diseases of the digestive system. • Skin disease.· cardiovascular disease.· rheumatism.· of disease of kidneys.· of disease of endocrine system.· Nervous breakdowns. Even at daily careful cleaning it is impossible to remove all raid on teeth and in interdental spaces. Gradually soft raid is mineralized and leads to formation of scale. The procedure for removal of raid and stone not the most pleasant and not to do without visit of the stomatologist. Integrated approach to hygiene of oral cavity considerably will facilitate work of the dentist. There are many oral cavity care products.
  2. Fixed assets: Toothbrush. On sale there are simple and electric brushes. Choosing toothbrush, pay attention to pile. Bristles have to perform function of careful removal of soft raid and the remains of food on teeth, and incorrectly picked up brush can injure enamel and aggravate dental health. With diseases of teeth and gums carefully choose toothbrush for patients. Those who undergoes treatment at the stomatologist and to people with sensitive enamel suit brush with soft bristle. Brushes with rigid bristle will be suitable for people with strong enamel and firm deposits on teeth. The universal option is brushes with average pile. They carefully clean and mass.
  3. Toothpaste. As daily clarification of oral cavity usual hygienic pastes will approach. They perfectly cope with removal of soft raid and refresh breath. For prevention of diseases, stomatologists advise to use special pastes, with addition of concentrate of medicative herbs or minerals. Recommend to apply medical pastes no more than one – two months. The bleaching toothpastes no more than one month. Otherwise it is possible to injure tooth enamel. Tooth thread is intended for removal of raid and the remains of food between teeth. Round thread is suitable for normal and wide interdental spaces. Tape thread in interaction with the damp environment of oral cavity bulks up. For this reason, thread is applied at the uneven structure of teeth, with different width of interdental space. Flat thread applicable for people with densely put teeth.
  4. Additional resources of hygiene: Liquid medicines for oral cavity care are prepared on aqueous-alcoholic basis, intended for oral cavity care and have treatment-and-prophylactic properties. In assortment: conditioners, elixirs, balms and skins. They serve for suppression of pathogenic bacteria. Liquids are recommended to be applied before toothbrushing to softening of raid and after cleaning for fixing of result. The skin represents mobile hygienic means. During the travel or in business trip skin irreplaceable attribute on oral cavity care. Of course, completely will not be able to replace toothpaste, but will prevent emergence of pathogenic bacteria.
  5. Tooth brushes are obligatory only when carrying briquettes. Irrigator medicine for careful care in remote interdental spaces. Clarification happens at the expense of the pulsing water pressure. As a result from the surface of teeth and from interdental space the remains of food and soft raid are washed away. The irrigator is stationary to replaceable nozzles for all family members and to different type of application. It is more reliable, with capacious capacity for water. Portable has the small size that is convenient on trips. Runs on batteries. The flowing irrigator is connected to water supply system. Additional connection to the power supply network is not required. Temperature and pressure of the pumped water is regulated at the expense of the water mixer. Healthy teeth are beautiful smile, fresh breath and basis of the correct digestion.

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