7 life hacks for use of habitual cosmetics

7 life hacks for use of habitual cosmetics

Lipstick, cream, nail varnish and other cosmetics is not always used for designated purpose. The bothered, delayed or not approached products can be applied to various purposes: from urgent repair of things before washing. Some means with success will replace each other, such castling will help to save on purchase of new cosmetics.

Hair conditioner

The conditioner or hair balm – excellent replacement to means for shaving. The small portion is applied on legs, area of armpits or bikini. The razor slides very softly, without cuts and irritations. Also men at whom shaving foam has reached a limit can use such reception. Conditioners not only improve sliding of edges, but also moisturize the skin.

Hair preparation, it is possible to use it as softener for things from wool or silk. The small portion of the conditioner is parted in water for rinsing. After the procedure of thing become very soft and gain delicate pleasant aroma.

Hand cream or persons

Unsuccessful face cream can be used for care for footwear, bags and gloves from genuine leather. Nutritious means with large amount of oils will be suitable for this purpose better. It is applied on product with thin layer and rubbed before full absorption. Cream will help to soften too rigid footwear, for this purpose it is rubbed in internal surfaces how to put on boots or shoes.

The soft moisturizing cream is capable to replace staylingovy hair preparations. He smoothes disobedient locks, adds to curls gloss, without doing them excessively fat.

Hygienic lipstick

Tube of hygienic lipstick – universal remedy for all family. It will protect lips from frost or excessive dryness, will become good base for the resistant lipsticks which are pulling together skin. By means of hygienic means it is possible to make color of lipstick softer. On the basis of simple gigiyenichka do remeltings of means for lips, mixing residues of lipsticks, warming them in the microwave, and then cooling in the fridge.

Hygienic means will replace medicines for cuticle. It well softens rough skin around nails and heals small wounds. Means can be applied also on other coarsened sites: the shelled skin on nose, elbows and even heels.  

Nail varnish

Varnish of suitable color is capable to paint over quickly scratch on shoes, bag or furniture. That the damaged place was not evident, it is necessary to pick up correctly color and to apply varnish very accurately, thin flat brush. Transparent varnish is capable to stop arrow on tights or stockings. It is enough to put the end on the lowered loop and to allow drop to dry.


The usual moisturizing lipstick perfectly will replace cream blush. It is slightly pounded on cheekbones and powdered translucent powder. Means of lilac or brown shade can be used as eye shadow. That they did not gather pleated skin, it is better to apply lipstick over basis. The thin layer of lipstick of red or pink-beige shade will disguise shadows under the eyes. Having distributed means finger-tips, atop apply light foundation and thin layer of powder.

Shower gel

If gel dries skin, you should not use it for designated purpose. Means will perfectly replace liquid medicines for washing. Gel it is convenient to wash delicate things: lingerie, stockings, woolen knitwear.  

Gel can be used for acceptance of bathtubs instead of habitual foam. One more role – replacement of liquid soap for hands. It is enough to pour of it in convenient dispenser with the doser and to put on sink.

Toilet water

Not suitable or ceased to please perfume easily will replace air freshener. It is sprayed in the small portions, trying to obtain the necessary intensity of smell. It is possible to scent cotton pad and to place it in clothes or dresser with linen – things will gain delicate aroma.

Toilet water can be used as disinfectant. Fragrant liquid it is simple to wipe resistant spot – for example, trace from ball pen.

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