7 popular delusions about hair care

7 popular delusions about hair care

It would seem that such essentially difficult in hair care? However even in this ordinary question there are several nuances which definitely should be considered.

Myth No. 1. If constantly to cut tips, then hair grow quicker

Nothing similar - the hairstyle of tips does not influence condition of hair bulbs at all. Nevertheless after subhairstyle the head of hear, as a rule, looks more dense and well-groomed.

Myth No. 2. The more often to wash the head, rather it will be soiled

Nonsense. Frequent washing does not influence work of sebaceous glands at all therefore the head can be washed every time when there is such need. You apply shampoo only on roots, and distribute the turned-out foam on all length of hair. The conditioner, on the contrary, should be used only at length, having a little receded from roots.

Myth No. 3. There is nothing worse for hair, than the hair dryer

Oddly enough, but if long hair long remain in wet state, then it is nearly more harmful to them, than drying phenom - because of loss of proteins. In this case it is possible to use the hair dryer, but having exposed the minimum temperature of drying.

Myth No. 4. Hair get used to the looking after means therefore shampoos need to be changed periodically

If you accept that means which you use at the moment, it is necessary to change nothing. If the structure of hair has worsened from coloring or other factors, then it is possible to try medical shampoos - they are changed every three months.

Myth No. 5. Frequent combing is useful for hair

Rather widespread myth. However if to abuse this procedure, then hair will only be quicker soiled because of secret which is excreted by sebaceous glands, and you distribute on head of hear by means of hairbrush. Therefore optimum quantity of raschesyvaniye - 2-3 times a day.

Myth No. 6. Dandruff is the head skin which is shelled from dryness

Just the opposite - dandruff arises from excess activity of sebaceous glands. Such problem can appear from abuse of oils and means for dry hair. Most often it is solved after change of shampoo on suitable (not to type of hair, and to head skin).

Myth No. 7. There are means which accelerate growth of hair

Alas, it is only the advertizing course. Even the most abrupt and expensive ukhodovy means will not be able to force cages of organism to share quicker therefore it is necessary to be content with the natural growth rate of hair is about 1 cm a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team