7 popular myths about cellulitis

7 popular myths about cellulitis

Around cellulitis, or so-called ""orange-peel"", many rumors and conjectures go. What from this the truth, and that - the next myth?

Cellulitis happens only at full

Myth. Actually cellulitis occurs in slender women rather often though less than at full. The stress, inactive way of life, addictions and even bad ecology, and not just improper feeding can influence its education.

Cellulitis to happen only at women

Myth. Cellulitis occurs also in the men suffering from excess weight, however, rather seldom and only at very corpulent. It is caused by features of the structure of hypodermic cellulose - women have it more friable.

Cellulitis happens only at mature age

Myth. Cellulitis begins to be formed at teenage age and happens even at young girls.

With age it is more difficult to get rid of cellulitis

Not absolutely so. At women 40 years are more senior division of fat cages slows down therefore chances to win against cellulitis increase. The complexity can be that it is necessary to deal already with the ""started"" cellulitis.

If to lose weight, then also cellulitis will leave

Myth. Cellulitis will remain on the place, but, perhaps, it will be less noticeable. At the return set of weight also ""orange-peel"" will return.

Cellulitis is formed because of abuse of sweets

Partially truth. Though can influence developing of cellulitis and many other factors, however glucose which is in sweets are one of sources of excess subcutaneous fat.

If cellulitis has arisen, then with it already there's nothing to be done

Myth. It is possible to cope with cellulitis even in especially started cases if to apply kompleksy approach: to adjust food, to increase physical activity, to do regular massage of problem zones and wrapping and also to complete 1-2 courses of ""saloon"" procedures (pressoterapiya, fonoforez, mesotherapy and so on).

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