7 secretion of beautiful eyebrows

7 secretion of beautiful eyebrows

Beauty experts warn: this on trend spring — the maximum naturalness! Therefore forget about eyebrows threads, eyebrows bloodsuckers and eyebrows of contrast color. Than more naturally than eyebrow, especially stylish and progressive will be the created image. And to look always irresistible, do not forget to look after them. In it you will be helped by professional advice.

Eyebrows — not guinea pigs, it is not necessary to scoff at them. The best that you can make for them — to leave alone and to allow to grow as they want that. In this season of the girl choose free shape of eyebrows, without accurate contour, dense and even slightly asymmetric. Such eyebrows can become excellent accent in your image, will emphasize eye shape, hair color and will look away from some small shortcomings. What needs to be made to catch eyebrows, as at Taylor Hill and Dzhigen Hadid?

1. Do not pull out, and let grow

If you want to have dense, effective eyebrows, at least for 6-8 weeks forget about tweezers. Yes, it is difficult. Overcome this dependence and just allow them grow. Girls who pull out eyebrows every week will never be able to grow them. This lesson can be learned only on the experience. You remember: constant plucking out of eyebrows does not allow you to look in a new way at their form and to experiment with styling.

2. Oils and eyebrow serums

The tweezers were postponed. Now choose the activator of growth of eyebrows. Contrary to popular belief that growth of eyebrows is stimulated only by castoric and burdock oils, beauty-gurus have forgotten about them for a long time and apply for this purpose amla oil. It is suitable for rigid eyebrows. And still the oils of grape or apricot seeds strengthening and awakening follicles to regeneration. Also it is worth looking narrowly at serums for growth of eyebrows — their formulas, as a rule, contain the patented vitamin complexes and other active components.

3. Refresh them with peeling

Sounds a little strange, but eyebrows should be cleaned. Doing peeling of eyebrows in house conditions, you remove dry keratosic cages from the surface of skin, will open time and will allow them to breathe. And the subsequent means, for example, for activation of growth of hair on eyebrows will get more deeply into cages and will work far more effectively and quicker. Every day carefully clean eyebrows by means of habitual means for washing, and do peeling 2 times a week. Avoid creams and face serums in this zone. 

4. Intervention minimum

Certainly, if you have such dense eyebrows that grow also on nose bridge,  not to do without plucking out. But do not abuse. You need to remove superfluous, but not completely to alter the lines. The western stylists still advise not to pull out hairs over eyebrows at all. You remember, your task is to look most naturally.

5. Try coloring by henna or lamination

In fight for dream eyebrows — all means are good! Why not to try relevant saloon procedures which will help to achieve the goal quicker? For example, lamination of eyebrows is fixing of form and strengthening for 1-2 months by means of special beauty-products with keratin and other nutritious elements. Is ideal for the thin and rare eyebrows growing in the chaotic direction. One more harmless and available procedure — coloring by henna or biopermanent make-up. This program for leaving strengthens natural shade of eyebrows and strengthens them.  

6. The form suits

There is widespread myth that eyebrows have to match the line of nostrils. It not absolutely so. If eyebrows are too widely divorced from each other, visually features will begin to seem more massive, and face form — wide.

7. Styling secrets

It is easy to go too far in make-up of eyebrows. For example, you apply shadows on eyebrows, but in time could not stop. And what as a result? Eyebrows in this case will become the bloodsuckers absorbing all make-up and all beauty of the person in general. Therefore be not fond! In everything the measure is good.

Using all these councils to the maximum, you will always look stylish and surely. Dare!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team