7 useful flower extracts

7 useful flower extracts

The majority of cosmetic products is made on the basis of flower extracts. With great difficulty it is possible to find cosmetics which is not incorporating extract from camomile, rose, lavender or orchid. Useful properties of these flowers having beneficial influence on skin are the reason for that.


1. The centaurea is irreplaceable in sensitive skin care. Its extract is often added to creams for century since it liquidates traces of fatigue and removes puffiness. It is possible houseconditionsto prepare the mask having similar properties in . For this purpose 30 g of dry flowers fill in 100 g of boiled water and you boil 20 minutes on weak fire. Add 50 g of lemon juice to the cooled-down broth, then apply to the cleaned skin for 15 minutes. Such mask should not be done more than 2 times a month.

2. The ginseng is good for the dry, sensitive and growing old skin. Its root contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which well rejuvenate skin tone up and improve blood circulation. Amino acids support the necessary level of moisture in skin fabrics.

3. The hibiscus reduces risk of early aging of skin, deeply moisturizes the skin, deletes dead cells and pulls together time. It is most often applied to the fat and combined skin in structure various tonics, masks and oils.

4. The violet moisturizes and softens the skin. Besides, disinfects therefore it is often added to cosmetics for skin, angry, inclined to inflammations. For rejuvenation of skin of 75 g of dry flowers of violet fill in 300 g of alcohol, insist week in the dark place. Wipe with ready tincture face skin two times a week before going to bed.

5. In essential oil of magnolia there is huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids, and the extract from it slows down collagen destruction process that promotes maintaining elasticity of skin, and it, as a result, leads to extension of her youth.

6. The orchid contains many vitamins, it moisturizes and feeds the skin. The antioxidants which are contained in orchid extract protect skin from harmful effects of the environment. Besides, they reduce wrinkles, restore skin cells and prevent its early aging.

7. The lavender is ideal for any type of skin, it well saves from itch, inflammation and peeling. Essential lavender oil helps with fight against rash and inflammations on skin. Promotes skin regeneration, tones up, does it elastic, smoothes surface.

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