7 women with non-standard appearance with whom all fell in love

7 women with non-standard appearance with whom all fell in love

Brik, Lola Montes, Gala Dali, Zinaida Gippius could not brag of faultless appearance. But the famous men of that time were crazy about them. In the childhood Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Barbara Streisand were teased because of non-standard appearance. But these actresses could turn the lovely shortcomings into advantages.

It is considered to be that men fall in love only with beauties, but it not so. History knows many women with non-standard appearance who enjoyed wide popularity of men. Men just lost the heads from love for plain women. In what the secret of these ladies is?

Lilya Brik

The name of this woman with non-standard appearance is connected with the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. He just idolized to Lille, called her the muse and has devoted it set of works.

Lily Uriyevna Kagan (on the husband of BRIC) was born in the fall of 1891. The father called the girl quite so in honor of Goethe's beloved — Lily Shememan. BRIC in something has repeated the fate of this woman. At the end of Goethe's life claimed that Lily Shememan — his first and strongest love though they also were not married. As well Vladimir Mayakovsky has carried by feeling to the muse through all life though they have not legalized the relation.

The poet has fallen in love in Lille at first sight. At first Vladimir Mayakovsky met her younger sister. But when that has decided to acquaint the beloved with the family, BRIC has fascinated the poet and has struck on the spot. This woman was three times married. For the sake of her Vasily Katanyan (Mayakovsky's publisher) has left family.

When Lily Uriyevna was still official wife of Osip Brik, she began the relations with Alexander Krasnoshchekov ― the statesman of that time. The poet futurist who because of her has nearly thrown the muse was passionately in love with the same period in the girl.

Lilya Brik, explaining the progress in love field, said that the man needs to inspire ― he fine and ingenious, and others do not understand it and do not appreciate it. She assured that the man should resolve that he is not allowed to go, for example, at home there where he will want or to smoke. And the rest will be made by silk linen and good footwear.

Love, love...

Lola Montes

This is one more woman with non-standard appearance which could make conceited to the famous contemporaries. She was Aleksander Dumas Sr., Honoré de Balzac, Franz Liszt's beloved. And the Bavarian king Louis I for the sake of Montes has even abdicated. Men battled for Lola on duels and when those were killed, the woman received their property.

Montes was dancer and the adventurer at heart. When she went on tour in Warsaw, even Nicholas I has become interested in it. But the girl was sent from the city to avoid development of undesirable events.

Telling the crown phrase, Lola Montes assured — she receives everything that wants. Lola claimed that the woman has to be able to use male weakness.

Gala Dali

This is one more lady about whom the great number of men was crazy. Real name and surname of the woman — Elena Dyakonova. Her first husband is Paul Eluar. Marriage of these young people was very unusual. They did not hide from each other that they have mistresses and lovers on the party and also preferred group sex. Eluar carried naked Elena's photo with himself and as required showed it to friends.

Once Paul has bragged of the spouse to Salvador Dalí. This famous Spanish painter has fallen in love with the woman, and soon she has left to him. Then Elena has taken herself new name, she became Gala Dalí.

The woman said that she will never become just housewife, and will read, do much everything that will want, at the same time will remain the attractive lady. Still Gala claimed that she will always smell of spirits, to have well-groomed hands with fine manicure and to shine as the cocotte.

Zinaida Gippius

This woman could also make conceited to many men, but not only them. Though Zinaida since 19 years was married, she had many extramarital affairs not only with men, but also with women. Zinaida liked to shock public, not without reason she was called the decadent Madonna and the devil.


Favourite actresses do not need to try to obtain success by such methods, they also are so adored by millions.

Not all know that they in the childhood scoffed at Julia Roberts because of her frog mouth. But this radiant smile became the business card of the girl in adulthood and has helped to get to fall in love great number of admirers.

Barbara Streisand has very non-standard appearance. But her talent, successful roles, charisma have helped the woman to get thousands of admirers worldwide who just idolize the actress.

The same concerns also Uma Thurman. Not all know that this tall girl wears shoes 42 sizes. But, despite this, many consider the actress charming, graceful and sexual.

Having learned about ladies with non-standard shape, it is possible to tell with confidence that appearance for women not the main thing. As it is sung in the popular song, there has to be in the woman some riddle, at everyone — the.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team