8 features of the well-groomed woman

8 features of the well-groomed woman

Beauty – concept relative. Certainly, the finest in any person is soul. However, to make pleasant impression on people, it is necessary to watch the appearance carefully. How does the true lady have to look?


1. Magnificent hair. It is extremely important to look after the hair, the woman is decorated by effective hairstyle and healthy brilliant curls. The woman loving herself will never dare to appear in public with the dirty head and not brushed shaggy hair.

2. Ideal manicure. Of course, it is absolutely optional to create on the nails refined masterpieces of art daily. However manicure of the well-groomed woman - always accurate and fresh.

3. Some are mistaken, considering that the true woman always has to use cosmetics. This incorrect opinion. It is absolutely optional to use lipstick, foundation and mascara if you have ideal face skin: smooth, clean and velvety. Therefore the real woman first of all cares for the skin and only then (and not always) – for make-up.

4. Using cosmetics, you remember that the bright make-up approaches only for children's holidays and carnivals. In other cases place emphasis or in the eyes, or on lips.

5. Eyebrows give to look special expressiveness. Look after the eyebrows and regularly adjust their form.

6. It is very important that skin was beautiful. If you do not differ in aristocratic pallor which does image refined and distinguished, use suntan preparations. You can visit the beach, sunbed or to use means popular today for autosuntan.

7. The well-groomed woman watches also skin of hands. Gentle female fingers and graceful wrists cannot leave indifferent any man.

8. And the main thing – the real lady always chooses image depending on circumstances and taking into account the personal unique taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team