8 main rules of manicuring in cold season

8 main rules of manicuring in cold season

With the onset of cold weather the skin on hands demands especially careful and multistage leaving. However, there is nothing particularly complex - to help skin to remain smooth and gentle, it is necessary to implement only several recommendations.

1. Frequent use of kremayesla was to apply enough hand cream few times in day in the flying, with the onset of cold weather it is better to perform this procedure after each washing to keep protective film on skin - it will delay moisture loss.

2. Use skrabaraz in week it is possible to apply the soft srub peeling skin scales for the subsequent best absorption of useful substances from cosmetics.

3. Food and uplotneniyevybirighta for winter leaving means with fat and dense consistence. It is quite good if as a part of cream there are vitamins A and E. At hard frosts instead of cream it is better to use special balm.

4. Use you maselnanosit oil on cuticle several times a day - expense about 1 drop on 5 fingers. Rub easy movements. If have not found in sale of special oil, then it is possible to use olive or linen.

5. Several layers of kosmetikiz half an hour to exit to the street apply to skin of hands oil, after a while - the moisturizing cream, and then - nutritious means (cream or balm). For the best effect it is possible to use two-three of different means, alternating them from time to time.

6. Masks for rukpara of times a week it is recommended to do house masks for hands. For example, mix tablespoon of the softened butter, pulp of banana and teaspoon of honey. Or mix 100 g of cottage cheese with teaspoon of olive oil. Masks are put with thick layer for 15-20 minutes.

7. Use you ecolakovotkazhitsya from superresistant varnishes for the period of the winter period not to provoke fragility and stratification of nails. Choose ecovarnishes under which the nail plate will be able "to breathe".

8. Carrying varezhekn to the street always protect hands by means of mittens or gloves with soft inside layer - it is the easiest and reliable way to keep lipidic layer of skin without damages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team