About how many flying it is possible to shave legs

About how many flying it is possible to shave legs

The exact age with which it is possible to begin the procedure of shaving of legs does not exist. It depends on specific features and development of organism of the teenager.

Shaving of legs. When to begin?

Usually during puberty (this period everyone different) standing teenagers, in armpits and pubic area has dark hairs which want to be removed by all means. And occurs. Before the first time to shave legs, it is desirable for teenager to consult to mother or that person to whom he trusts.

At this procedure it is necessary to follow rules of hygiene, to have personal devices for shaving and for care for skin of legs which will make the procedure of epilation effective and safe.

The earlier you will begin to make epilation of hair standing, the quicker and more strictly they will grow therefore if your body hair light, thin and almost noticeable, it is better not to hurry with holding this procedure.

As it is correct to have a shave

Now it is possible to find big variety of razors and care products for skin of legs in sale. The most important is to pick up such means which suit type of skin of the teenager and therefore will not cause irritation and damages. Producers offer you razors at choice: manual (as disposable, and reusable use) and electric. Electric razors can work from network and from batteries. Some of them are intended for teenage girls. There are razors which assume use of the moisturizing cream. The manual razor can shave at all not worse skin standing.

The quality of shaving depends on quantity of edges which the razor contains.

Shaving needs to be carried out with use of gel, foam, creams. It is possible to use soap which will allow the razor to slide as much as possible on skin. It is better not to choose means with the content of alcohol as alcohol dries and irritates the skin. The manual razor will allow to make shaving accurately and qualitatively, having as much as possible protected skin from cuts. It is the best of all to make epilation during acceptance of shower or bathtub. It is easier to shave the moisturized clean skin carefully and without cuts. To begin to shave legs it is necessary, moving through growth of hair as it is the safest. Having got certain experience, it is possible to carry out shaving and against growth of hair. It is not necessary to hurry or to press strongly the razor. The high-quality razor at small efforts will make the work. If you have reusable razor, it is regularly recommended to change edges that there were no infections and rash did not develop. After epilation it is necessary to wash up skin water with soap and to apply the moisturizing cream or aftershave. If at the procedure cuts have been put, it is necessary to process wounds antiseptic solution, to grease with iodine.

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