Academy of health: nails - all on envy

Academy of health: nails - all on envy

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Hands are called not for nothing the second person. On them, their condition and appearance of nails, it is possible to learn a lot of things about their owner. Having hardly looked at hands, the doctor will instantly define availability of the diseases which are available for the person. And people around, as a rule, first of all, during the conversation pay attention to appearance of the interlocutor. Therefore hand and nails care is so important for the woman.

Main objective of nail plate – protection of fingers in operating time. In nails there are no nervous fibers and blood vessels, but, despite this, they require care and care too.

The best way to find strong nails – healthy nutrition. In order that nails were strong and healthy, surely include in diet meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit, greens, nuts, fast meat, seafood, cereal cultures. Rich with proteins, zinc, iron and other necessary microelements and vitamins, they take active part in forming of nail plate and promote its growth.

If nails have begun to be stratified, buy oil of evening primrose or starflower in drugstore. They contain necessary for forming of cellular membrane and preservation of moisture in it polysaturated fatty acids. The good assistant in food and strengthening of nails is iodine. It can be used as addition for baths or from time to time to grease with it nails. But it is the best of all to carry out this procedure in the evening or on the weekend not to shock the nails surrounding in yellow color. For bleaching and strengthening of nails it is possible to use lemon juice. Cut off part of lemon and take several minutes fingers in acid fruit pulp. Or prepare nail bath, having added two tablespoons of salt and tablespoon of lemon juice on liter of warm water. In this solution it is also possible to pour in several drops of iodine. Believe, on such care even the most started nails will respond the good growth and healthy look. Favorably glycerin, vegetable oil, baths from solution of sea salt affect condition of nails. Especially nails will like peach oil which recommends to grease nail plate within several weeks. For convenience of drawing it is possible to use special brush or Q-tip. Also do not forget to feed nails with the looking after hand cream. And it is obligatory during washing, washing of ware put on rubber gloves which are peculiar barrier to nails at contact with chemical compositions.

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