Acne rash: how to remove it from face

Acne rash: how to remove it from face

To get rid of acne rash, especially in short terms, not easy. But there is nothing impossible. Show patience, use the effective recipes offered by traditional medicine and forget about problems with skin. And in order that rash has not arisen again, watch purity of skin and do not abuse sweet and fat products.


1. The mask from ordinary sauerkraut has very good effect on acne rash. For its preparation take sourcrout, and carefully crush it. You can use the meat grinder, but then slightly wring out the received weight. To it add a little oat oat flour so that after hashing dense gruel has turned out. Add salt on tip of knife and a little water. Again mix and impose on quarter of hour on problem places of skin. After that wash away mask warm water to which add several drops of lemon or apple cider vinegar.

2. The nonsense perfectly copes with acne rash. Buy powder of nonsense in drugstore and prepare mask. Not bad nonsense mix with field hvoshchy will approach. Consider that the nonsense is freshwater sponge, quite rigid to the touch. Therefore, impose the prepared mask carefully, without rubbing in face skin. Otherwise, except acne rash, you get scratches which will not decorate your appearance. You should not apply also it at pustulous processes. Take nonsense powder in number of 1/2 teaspoons and add to it a little white clay. Part with hydrogen peroxide to condition of soft gruel. Put mask on face approximately for 20 – 30 minutes. After mix dries up, wash away it warm water. Application of nonsense can cause feeling of easy pricking.

3. Prepare barmy mask. Part 50 g of yeast in hydrogen peroxide to consistence of rather thin sour cream. Put the received weight on face several layers and wait for its full drying. Wash away warm water and rinse face cold. Do mask two times a week. More frequent application is not recommended.

4. Consider that the greatest effect at treatment of acne rash can achieve, using in addition special cosmetics for clarification of skin and care for it. It is possible to buy them in any drugstore or cosmetic shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team