Acrylic nails: merits and demerits

Acrylic nails: merits and demerits

Acrylic nail extension – fast way to find beautiful and well-groomed nails. The procedure takes about two hours, and after it you can forget about manicure at least for week. But, kind of beautifully promises of manicurists, acrylic nails, besides pluses sounded, have the minuses.

The procedure of nail extension by acrylic consists of three stages. In the beginning the master prepares nails: gives the necessary form, grinds abrasive bar, degreases special means. Further material for building is applied. Acrylic represents dry powder. It is mixed with liquid liquid for obtaining quickly stiffening weight. This mix is imposed on nail plate and model form. After full drying the master cuts surplus of acrylic, levels nail relief, does smooth transitions of color. Further nails are ground.

At the last stage the manicure is given the finished look: varnish, draw patterns, polish.

Advantages of acrylic building

The main advantage of nail extension – opportunity to forget about manicure for several days. It is very convenient if you are sent on leave or you lack time to make manicure independently. Acrylic nails look naturally. They are thin, but at the same time very strong, resistant to blows, bends and temperature differences. There is opinion that acrylic does not allow nails to breathe. Actually it not so. Growth zone at nail is under the skin roller at the basis, this place he "breathes". Therefore it is absolutely unimportant, than the nail plate is covered: acrylic, gley or usual varnish. Nail extension process by acrylic not so injures nails, in comparison with the same gel. The good master will accurately mold the necessary form that will save nail plate from intensive zapilivaniye. Acrylic does not need ultraviolet for hardening that reduces procedure time. Building can be made on nails of any length and form. Huge variety of shades of acrylic powder gives the chance to do different types of manicure, since classical service jacket, finishing with bright gradient. Besides from this material it is possible to mold small flower or other ornament which will become part of design. It is rather simple to remove acrylic nails. For this purpose it is necessary to soak them in special structure. However it is better to do it at the same master not to injure natural nails.

Shortcomings of acrylic building

Acrylic unpleasantly smells therefore throughout all session you should be reconciled with it. If the increased nail breaks, with high probability your own nail will suffer. At best it only will crack. In the worst – can break off. At removal of acrylic nails the means containing acetone are used. They worsen natural gloss of nails. At last, acrylic building has the contraindications. It cannot be done to the people suffering from fungal damages of nails. Patients with bronchial asthma or frequent allergic reactions should observe extra care and it is obligatory to warn about it the master.

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