Acrylic painting on nails: we draw easily and beautifully

Acrylic painting on nails: we draw easily and beautifully

The fashion goes forward with great strides. Changes concern not only clothes: are long skirts, styles of blouses and undershirts, but also professional manicure. To surprise with well-groomed marigold with bright covering now it will hardly turn out. Therefore for creation of unique image of the woman choose drawing on nails by means of acrylic paints.

Technology of drawing on nail plate acrylic paints gives the huge field for creativity, every day gains popularity among the women liking to stand out from the crowd. Some of the undoubted pluses of acrylic distinguishing it from other materials for neyl-art can call its usability. Composition of paint – water basis and acrylic resins. Therefore it is easy to dissolve it and also to mix among themselves, trying to obtain necessary color. Acrylic is not toxic and safe for the person. People who only begin to draw on nails are recommended to use this material as it is easily washed away. It allows to introduce amendments in the drawing at any stage of work. And acrylic quickly dries, and it is undoubted plus too.

During the work with acrylic paints it is recommended to buy materials of one producer. And here you should not mix products of the different companies, the effect can be unpredictable.

Those women who want to master technology of drawing by acrylic paints on nails should have patience. Such work demands skill and skill. Therefore at the first stages you should not raise at difficult drawings and technicians. Beginners are recommended to study according to ready schemes with simple drawings, step by step carrying out instructions.

Before studying drawing craft at nails, it is necessary to stock up with tools. At first it is possible to manage the minimum set: several colors of acrylic paints, nail varnish, brushes of the different sizes, toothpicks, liquid for removal of covering and transparent varnish for fixing of manicure.

For drawing acrylic paints recommend to choose brushes with synthetic pile.

It is necessary to draw on nails by means of acrylic paints step by step. First of all the basis is put, it needs to allow to dry properly, then to create the desirable drawing acrylic, to dry and cover with fixer. It is necessary to tell that each manicurist himself chooses the tool with which it is convenient to it to put the drawing. Someone does it by thin brush, others prefer Q-tip or make-shifts. Ideally it is necessary to have several devices for drawing the image. It will give the chance to study fine details in the drawing if it is necessary. Those people who only master technology of drawing have to follow the rule – the less and more simply the drawing, the better. Even by means of the multi-colored points applied on nail plate it is possible to create unique pattern. For example, it is possible to draw flower. For this purpose the nail becomes covered with basic varnish of any shade at will. When it dries, it is necessary to put 5-6 end of other color that they have formed circle, and to add one more contrast drop to its middle. The flower motive will turn out. If to cover nail with any dark varnish, for example, of black shade, and from above to draw small points of gold, white and yellow colors, the star sky will turn out. By the way, such drawings look harmoniously and stylish both on long, and on short marigold. The simple and beautiful drawing can be created, having mixed acrylic paints directly on nails. For this purpose it is necessary to cover nail plate with basic varnish, to allow it to dry. Then from above to put several multi-colored droplets acrylic paints, to take toothpick and to mix points among themselves. It is possible to do it in some sequence, for example, representing spiral, or it is chaotic. Even abstraction in such execution will look is attractive and unique.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team