Acrylic paints: we draw patterns on nails

Acrylic paints: we draw patterns on nails

Usual nails by means of paints can turn into works of art. Drawing on marigold acrylic paints are labor-intensive process so skills will be required.

For painting of nails acrylic paints buy brushes No. 0, No. 00 and No. 1. These are the thin brushes suitable for laborious work. Acrylic paints allow to create ideal drawings. By the way, this painting can be created both on artificial, and on natural nails. Work will require acrylic paints, palette for mixing, glass with water for washing of brushes. Acrylic paints quickly dry so manage to wash away them from brushes! Still varnish of basic color and transparent varnish will be required. Buy acrylic paints of six main flowers, you can receive the others by mixing. You can buy varnish with spangles - it will make design of nails more original.

At first process nails, undermine, cover with colourless varnish or impose the main tone. If the basis has turned out too light, then put the second layer. Wait for full drying of basic layer. You pass to the choice of the drawing. Brushes of different thickness allow to create various intricate patterns.

Now mix a few paints that there was the planned shade, begin to draw. Use contrast colors that the drawing it was well visible. Execute some details of the image by means of brilliant varnish. If something does not leave, it is not necessary to be upset, acrylic can be washed away water, and to redraw the drawing anew - train! You put elements of the drawing of different color which are located nearby, after drying of the previous layer. You should not choose difficult ornament if have decided to try to draw acrylic on nails for the first time. When the pattern is ready, cover marigold with colourless varnish that work was fixed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team