Activated carbon in masks from pimples

Activated carbon in masks from pimples

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Wide time and black dots on face – flour not only teenage. Some people such problems pursue all life. Therefore it is also necessary to visit beauty shops periodically. But you should not forget also about make-shifts which help with fight against many illnesses.

Visit of salons costs considerable money, and problem skin care is required regular. Therefore frequent visits to the cosmetologist are impossible because of financial problems. What to do in this case? The answer is simple – to use folk remedies which are not less effective, than professional procedures. In fight against pimples, for example, activated carbon perfectly will approach.

Activated carbon is absorbent which effectively brings hazardous substances out of organism. Medicine perfectly helps not only at disorders of digestive tract, but also at problems of integuments.

The coal mask will help with fight against imperfections of face skin. That to make it independently, you will need the following ingredients: milk teaspoon, half of teaspoon of gelatin, half-tablet of activated carbon.

Knead activated carbon in mortar, add to it gelatin, carefully mix them together and pour in warm milk. It is necessary that all compound have formed homogeneous mass. For this purpose put mix on water bath and constantly stir slowly it. On it pretty long time as gelatin needs to inflate well will leave. But there is also other, faster option – the microwave. Put mix on temperature minimum approximately for 10 seconds.

The received mask has to cool down a little, and face skin needs to be prepared for the forthcoming procedure. It is the best of all to put any mask after bath when time is steamed well out and opened.

It is possible to use alternative option - to make camomile broth (2 tablespoons of grass on 2 glasses of boiled water) and to steam out over it face, having closed the head thick terry towel. There will be quite enough several minutes.

Apply coal mix to the steamed-out skin or only to problem sites, or on all person, naturally, without mentioning eye area. For high-quality drawing use brush with rigid pile to hammer mask deeply into time and to put it layer-by-layer three times. Further it is necessary to wait until the mask completely dries. On it about a quarter of hour will be required. The person has to be without emotions and without movements. It will be pretty easy to delete mix – the gelatin which is part of mask turns it into elastic plenochka which can be removed one movement. After the end of procedure surely apply nutritious cream to face skin.

It is necessary to do mask on the basis of activated carbon not more often than once a week. The similar procedure will suit only those who have no couperosis.

Also coal masks on clay basis are good. Clay can take any, but it is the is best of all blue is suitable for the person. Mix on tablespoon of clay and water and add tablet of activated carbon. Carefully mix to uniform consistence. Apply mask to face skin, and in 10 minutes wash away warm water. In order that visually to narrow pores, it is possible to make coal ice with which it is necessary to wipe face every morning. Take 12 teaspoons of boiled water and dissolve in it tablet of activated carbon. After that pour water in small molds and freeze in the camera. If face skin is very sensitive on cold touch, it is possible to wrap previously before wiping ice cube scarf.

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