Advantage and harm of lamination of hair

Advantage and harm of lamination of hair

The procedure of lamination of hair – safe and fast way to give to hair smart look. Such cosmetic effect cannot be reached in other ways.


  1. The laminating means consists of wheat (or soy) proteins, cellulose, microelements, vitamins and other natural useful substances. Hair become covered by protective cover, gaining at the same time the increased elasticity, healthy gloss, magnificent volume. Especially this procedure is suitable for the fine splitting hair – all cracks "are strongly soldered", hair become thicker and stronger, volume increases by 10%.
  2. Before the procedure of lamination it is necessary to carry out improving procedures for hair, using nutritious masks, balms and the special looking after shampoos. The hair painted before lamination for a long time will keep the received color under protective film. After drawing film hair it will be already impossible to dye or use medical masks, but use of special shampoo for the laminated hair with soft influence will be required.
  3. The special laminating means is applied on dry clean hair and maintained within 30 minutes, fixed at the same time in the cold or hot way. Then within 6 hours the hair cannot be subjected to laying and other procedures because during this time there is fixing of structure on hair. The procedure gives temporary effect (3-6 weeks), and then when the protective film is washed away, it is possible to make new lamination.
  4. Than the procedure of lamination volostonky film on hair is useful, being warmed from the hot hair dryer or stayler, easily gives to hair the necessary form – fine means for easy laying. Besides, hair become well-groomed, strong, protected from harmful atmospheric actions. Use only of natural useful components as a part of the laminating substance well influences condition of hair.
  5. Negative consequences from laminirovaniyazashchitny film it is washed away over time, so the structure which is sticking together scales descends, damaging at the same time upper cuticles of hair. At regular repetition of lamination condition of hair awaking only to worsen, they will become more and more dry and fragile, but because of beautiful cover of it it is possible not to notice in time. It is impossible to do lamination on hair with the weakened roots or thick and heavy by nature because the additional layer of film even more will weight and will lead to their loss. It is not recommended to laminate fine rare hair because instead of desirable volume the hair will look smoothed and fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team