Advantage and harm of sunbed

Advantage and harm of sunbed

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Having appeared on formal reception after rest on the yacht, legendary Coco Chanel has said that the person of color of aspirin looks unhealthy and untidy. Since then suntan has become fashionable as sign of healthy and provided life.

Myths and delusions

All sunbeds are identical – it the statement is not right because the functionality of cabin for suntan depends on quantity and type of the lamps used in it. Important condition is observance of service conditions of sunbed and timely replacement of lamps.

Additional cosmetics are not obligatory – the wrong and dangerous delusion. Lotions and emulsions for sunbed protect skin from radiation by ultraviolet.

Suntan in sunbed causes skin cancer – opinion, true only partly. Because the sunbed, as well as natural suntan, provokes formation of malignant tumors in case of abuse and violation of the existing recommendations and councils. The skin shade acquired in sunbed is short-lived – in comparison with natural suntan which keeps on skin few weeks, artificial is more resistant.

Advantages and shortcomings

Besides beautiful suntan at all seasons of the year, visit of sunbed promotes the following good points: - production of vitamin D; - to increase in immunity of organism; - reduction of risk of disease of osteoporosis; - to elimination of eels; - to decrease in possibility of development of hypertension. Vitamin D which synthesis improves visit of sunbed regulates assimilation by organism of calcium which lack affects condition of hair, nails and skin of the person. In addition, scientists have proved that the lack of ultraviolet can become the reason of development of apathy and depression. However, the artificial sun, besides the advantage which is able and to harm organism. In excessive quantity, ultraviolet beams in sunbed can cause growth of tumors, dryness and fragility of hair, decrease in elasticity of skin and change of pigmentation of integument. To exclude similar troubles the following advice will help: - get advice at the doctor before course; - use protective hat and glasses; - protect mammary glands; - apply protective cream; - after sunbed apply the moistening means to skin; - drink glass of the juice rich with vitamin C having finished session. Many drugs increase susceptibility of skin and can become the cause of solar allergy therefore read indications of the medicines used during passing of course of suntan to sunbeds more attentively. Recommendations about visit frequency following: the first two weeks it is possible to sunbathe every other day, having begun with two-minute session, gradually increasing it. Having achieved golden shade, it is necessary to reduce visits to one-two in week. To whom there is vozderzhatsyaprotivopokazaniye for visit of sunbed provide the following diseases: - atherosclerosis; - coronary heart disease; - blood diseases; - dermatitis; - heart troubles; - hypertension; - violations in work of nervous or endocrine system. - malignant or benign tumors. It is worth showing care to those who have on skin large number of birthmarks. The sunbed is not recommended to people, with system diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases. The councils and tonkostisredstvo used in sunbed are divided into two groups: before and after suntan. Cosmetics before sunbed will protect skin from dryness, excessive loss of moisture and will accelerate emergence of pigmental cages. Cream and lotions after the procedures help skin to calm down and feed it. In addition, use of special cosmetics affects durability of suntan. Before coming into cabin, women are recommended to remove all decorative cosmetics from skin. Jewelry as are source light refraction that will make suntan uneven can do harm. It is impossible to combine solar bathtubs with procedures of deep purification of leather. To you it is not necessary to use, before visit of sunbed, means with light-protective factor. Because of big load of skin does not consult after suntan to take shower. Before the first session it is possible to make photo then to compare the acquired result. Types solyariyevpo the design of cabin are horizontal and vertical. Key factor which affects effectiveness of work is the quantity of lamps and their quality. Recently on roar there were mirror sunbeds which have the floor from mirror promoting acceleration of process of emergence of bronze shade. Some devices for suntan are equipped with the fan, so-called turbo sunbeds. Besides technical indicators, sunbeds differ with comfort level. So, many of them are equipped with cooling systems, music and fragrances of air.

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