Advantage of camphoric oil for skin

Advantage of camphoric oil for skin

Camphoric oil is received from wood and pitch of the tree of the same name growing in the countries of East Asia. Oil is brown or white. White essential camphoric oil is widely applied in nonconventional medicine and cosmetology: it is used for treatment of various diseases and is capable to bring invaluable benefit to hair and skin of the person.

For people with problem skin of the person camphoric oil can become the real rescue as it is capable to stop the inflammation center. Besides, it dries undesirable rashes on skin and prevents their further emergence. Essential oil of camphoric laurels quite qualitatively cleans and disinfects problem sites on face.

Camphor possesses the calming action, well influencing nervous system of the person. Also essential oil allows to remove traces of fatigue and irritation on skin. Besides, it strengthens local blood circulation, contributes to normalization of work grease and sweat glands. All this allows to give to skin natural flush and to eliminate excessive gloss of the person.

Camphoric oil has useful effect on the mature and withering skin as has the rejuvenating effect, stimulates growth of new cages and tones up integuments.

Masks with use of camphoric oil bleach and level face skin, give or return it natural beauty. Experts note big advantage of oil of camphoric laurels in fight against excessive pigmentation of skin: it is capable to make pigmental spots and face freckles less noticeable.

Experts note that camphoric oil renders invaluable advantage not only face skin, but also the heads. It restores its balance, improves blood circulation, causes rush of blood that, in turn, strengthens hair bulbs and stimulates metabolism.

For care for oily skin of the person the cosmetologists advise to combine camphoric oil with other oils, for example black caraway seeds, grape seeds, thistle.

The special elements which are contained in composition of camphor phellandrene and cineol help skin cells to activate collagenic fibers thanks to what processes of aging slow down. Besides, oil of camphoric laurels is capable to level epidermis reliefs, eliminating wrinkles. On the basis of oil of camphoric tree it is possible to do various medical compresses and also to add it to house face packs. But before applying such means on integuments, it is necessary to check the organism for possible allergic reactions. For this purpose it is possible to put couple of drops, for example, on wrist and to wait about five hours. If after this time skin has not reacted to structure, it is possible to use oil according to purpose.

To clean and to bleach a little skin and also to try to eliminate acne rash, it is recommended to resort to the help of olive oil in combination with lemon juice and two drops of camphoric oil.

Not to do much harm to the health, camphoric oil is recommended to be applied only to the problem skin demanding special care. Essential oil of camphoric tree is useful for treatment of acne rash, pimples and other inflammations of face skin; for elimination of greasy luster and improvement of complexion. Besides, it is useful to use oil for wrinkled skin and also as means of fight against pigmentation.

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