Advantage of sea-buckthorn hair oil

Advantage of sea-buckthorn hair oil

Sea-buckthorn oil is source of vitamins of groups K, E, P, B, A and C and also amino acids, minerals and other biologically active agents. It is widely used in cookery, dietology, traditional medicine and cosmetology. For example, sea-buckthorn oil is applied at hair care.


  1. Sea-buckthorn oil is recommended to use at severe hair loss. For this purpose mix the sea-buckthorn oil which is warmed up up to the comfortable temperature on water bath with several drops of shampoo then apply nutritious weight on radical system and cover with it locks. From above put on cellophane package and woolen scarf the head. 1-1.5 hours hold such mask, and later wash hair with shampoo. Such procedure should be done twice-three times a week 1.5-2 months in a row.
  2. Perfectly stimulates growth of hair the mix consisting of 2 tsps sea-buckthorn oil, 1 tsp of Dimeksid divorced in 2 tablespoons of water, and 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Ingredients mix then apply nutritious weight on radical system, then cover the head with cellophane package and warm terry towel. Half an hour later wash away sea-buckthorn mix warm water with shampoo. But if suddenly after drawing the mask stimulating growth of hair the strong burning is felt, it is necessary to wash away it immediately, and at the following procedure it is necessary to reduce dosage of Dimeksid. 1-2 times a week do such masks.
  3. Strengthens hair and the mask on the basis of sea-buckthorn oil which recipe is as follows recovers them: 2 tablespoons of the colourless henna divorced small amount of hot water and 2 tsps of oil of sea-buckthorn. Nutritious gruel is rubbed in head skin, and then evenly distributed on locks. Hold the strengthening mix of 40-60 minutes, then wash away it water with shampoo. Perform this procedure twice a week. The cosmetic mix prepared according to this recipe can be used for hair of any type: it prevents hair loss, improves their structure and even saves from dandruff.
  4. The nutritious mix consisting of 5 tablespoons of oil of sea-buckthorn, 1.5 glasses of water and 3 tablespoons of the crushed dry root of burdock moistens hair. The root of burdock is filled in with the begun to boil water, put the container with mix on small fire for 13-15 minutes. Then broth is cooled, filtered and enter into it sea-buckthorn oil. Apply the moisturizing cosmetic on head of hear for half an hour, and later wash away water with shampoo.

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