Advantage of srub

Advantage of srub

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Use of srub is the most sparing procedure in comparison with other types of cleaning. It can easily be prepared in house conditions. Srubs delete the died-off cages from skin and update it.

One of ways of support of skin of body in tone is use of body scrubs. Use of srub for skin is called peeling. Clarification of skin from dead cages becomes result of its use. After one such procedure it is possible to feel at once how skin begins to breathe. The result is noticeable at once – skin becomes surprisingly smooth, equal and velvety.

It is recommended to perform the procedure of peeling of skin of body not more often than once a week. It is connected with the fact that the peeling substances, or the so-called abrasive particles which are part of srubs rather large and can injure skin if it is too frequent to perform the procedure. Except skin clarification, the procedure of peeling gives some massage effect that improves microblood circulation in integuments and the general appearance of skin.

In shops of cosmetics at choice of customers large number of the various srubs different in cost is provided. But how many they cost, task at all one - body skin care. For this reason the self-made srub is not worse than store at all.

It is possible to take any cream, gel or the most ordinary cosmetic clay as basis. So, for dry skin of all is the most suitable on the basis of cream, for fat or mixed more the clay basis approaches. Abrasive particles can be the most various: ground coffee, stones of various berries, shell of nuts, sea salt which are dried up and pieces of peel of citrus processed in the coffee grinder and so on – everything that will be able to be suitable for these purposes.

Before the procedure of peeling it is necessary to take shower and to wash up all body bast. The ideal option is even better to take hot bath, and visit of bath or sauna in general properly to steam out body and to prepare skin for the procedure. After that, means for peeling is applied with smooth massage movements on all body and is left for several minutes, then is washed away at first by warm, and then cool water. You can not doubt, your skin after such leaving will tell you thanks.

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