Advice to those who want to lose weight by New year

Advice to those who want to lose weight by New year

On the New Year's holiday each girl wants to look stunningly, there is a strong wish to put on the most beautiful dress and to feel the true queen. But often it is simple not to get into this dress because of extra kilos. How to lose weight by New year?

The Internet dazzles with various express diets and also wonderful tablets which can save you from extra kilos. Actually all this myth. Only the physical activity and healthy nutrition will help to get rid of fat. It is also important to observe other councils.

  1. It is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours and to try to go to bed till midnight. If you do not get enough sleep, developed certain hormones which more food literally forces you to eat, than it is necessary.
  2. Create the diary of slim figure, write down in it everything that you eat and note what you have made for achievement of the purpose today.
  3. Surely observe the mode: four-five times a day are better to eat small portions. Try to eat food at the same time.
  4. It is possible to drink water in 40 minutes after meal, but not in time and not right after in any way.
  5. Visualization is good way to motivate itself, to adjust on positive result. Every day about 5 minutes imagine that your figure already became such of which you dream. It is also possible to choose the photo in which the figure of your dream is represented and to paste it on foreground that you constantly knew what you aim at.

This simple advice will help you quicker to achieve the goal. It is not necessary to wait for fast results, weight loss process rather long. Even if there is a strong wish to lose weight by New year, it is impossible to resort to various express diets or other wonderful operating methods as the fast result can be achieved only by the price of own health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team