Akhromin: instruction and recommendations about application

Akhromin: instruction and recommendations about application

and pigmental spots often bring a lot of trouble. Akhromin cream helps to solve this problem. Its action is directed to bleaching of skin and elimination of its visual defects – dark stains.

Akhromin cream is used for treatment of hyperpegmentation of skin. In particular, it is applied to elimination of freckles and also other pigmentation arising owing to melanin surplus. Including this means is applied to fight against the spots formed during pregnancy and in type of age changes of skin.

Instruction for application

It is necessary to use Akhromin cream 2 times a day – in morning and evening. Means is applied to skin by easy massage movements. The first results of application of Akhromin will be noticeable approximately in 2 weeks of regular use. At the same time more visible effect is reached in 1 month of use of cream: for this period all pigmental spots have to disappear completely. In certain cases full elimination of pigmentation requires 2-3 months.

As a rule, use of Akhromin bleaching cream happens without side effects. However at supersensitive skin there can be small irritation which is reaction to components of this means. In case of similar effect use of cream should be suspended for 4-5 days. After this term the putting cream can be resumed, using only it in the evening. In 5 days, in the absence of irritations, it is possible to return to standard use of means in the morning and in the evening.


Before use of Akhromin cream skin needs to be prepared. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out its clarification and degreasing and only then it is possible to apply cream. It is better to apply means in case of the small pigmental phenomena locally, applying it only on affected areas. Cream should be rubbed well in the field of drawing. At long use of Akhromin cream it is recommended to make pauses in treatment as means contains hydrochinone. This component is active ingredient, but at the same time it is not really useful to organism. In particular, it is not recommended to apply medicine more than 3-4 weeks in a row. Before use of medicine it is necessary to carry out the test for allergic reaction. For this purpose small amount of cream needs to be applied to skin on elbow bend. In case of emergence within 12-24 hours of reddenings or burning it is better to refuse medicine. Use of Akhromin cream is contraindicated to the children till 12 flyings and also feeding and pregnant women. It is not necessary to apply this means and in the presence of allergy to its components.

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