Alignment of hair

Alignment of hair

Women with the curling and curly hair quite often should face process of alignment of hair which considerably injures and damages structure of hair due to influence of too high temperature.

Hairdressers claim that most often hair level by means of the hair dryer or the iron. For more lasting and safe effect of equal hair there are special saloon procedures which allow to forget about curls for long time.

In house conditions it is the best of all to use the hair dryer for pulling of curls as it is more sparing method which not so strongly injures. It is in that case very important to carry out the procedure correctly. It is impossible to dry too wet hair as it strongly overdries them and does by more fragile. It is better to allow curls to dry out a little in the natural way, and then, using special protective equipment, to carefully extend hair under current of air.

At the same time it is important to choose the temperature condition as close as possible to room temperature that hair did not dry up and did not break. It is important to carry out procedure for locks, that is to allocate small part of hair, extending it round hairbrush. The hair dryer needs to be held over the head, directing current of air parallel to growth of hair from top to down. After drying of the last lock it is recommended to dry all mass of hair cool air to fix laying.

Also quite often girls use irons for alignment of hair as it is the fastest and effective method. However it is necessary to consider that it is very important to choose the high-quality and safe tool which covering will interfere with excessive drying of curls. It is possible to use the iron only at completely dry hair. Process also should be carried out on locks, surely using the protectant.

Leveling hair in any way, it is necessary to remember that at moisture influence the curls will take the original form therefore for fixing of effect of equal hair it is necessary to use resistant means which will allow hairstyle to remain under any weather conditions.

Hairdressers do not recommend to level too often wavy hair as it spoils their structure that results in excessive fragility and dimness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team