All about make-up: how to be painted

All about make-up: how to be painted

The make-up can be imperceptible and very bright, difficult and simple. Whatever option you have chosen, it is important to observe the sequence of actions and to apply cosmetics correctly. Having mastered basic receptions of make-up, you will be able to make quickly toilet and to look always magnificent.

Skin preparation

Pledge of beautiful make-up which will last most long, the - well humidified, smooth skin. If it uneven and inclined to fat content, several times in weeks process face soft exfoliant. Before starting putting cosmetics, wipe skin with tonic without alcohol or thermal water, and then apply the moisturizing cream, gel or emulsion.

If you want to look good especially, use special base under make-up. You should not cause it every day - it means will be suitable for party or other important action more. Choose light base on silicone basis - it will quickly be absorbed and will make skin ideally smooth. Besides this means can illuminate slightly face, remove excessive redness or earthy shade, hide enlarged pores and wrinkles.

And scars hide shadows under the eyes, the burst capillaries, traces from pimples the dense cream proofreader. You put him in the small portions and carefully drive in into skin with fingertips. Atop apply foundation or powder. Excess gloss of skin can be muffled transparent friable powder, means of warm beige color will give to the face shade of easy suntan. The following step - blush. If you use means in powder, put it over powder, cream and gel blush imposes under it. Carefully shade shade that it looked naturally. Choose color of blush depending on tone of skin, hair and the general scale of make-up.

Eyes and lips

Pay special attention to make-up of eyes. Apply basic shadows on eyelids. For daily make-up usually use quieter light shades, in the evening more effective bright and dark means with small shimmer look. That shadows have laid down easily, put them with brush, for brighter color use slightly humidified applicator. Soft cream shadows can be imposed fingers. It is not obligatory to apply several shades of shadows on eyelids. Today the mono-make-up executed in one color is especially relevant. That eyes looked larger, bring lower eyelid the same tone and well shade lines. For evening make-up on centuries it is possible to draw arrows with pencil, felt-tip pen or liquid eyeliner. Those who are not able to draw can use arrows stickers. Surely make up eyelashes. For day use the extending ink, in the evening means with effect of false eyelashes very beautifully looks. That ink has laid down ideally, conduct brush from roots to tips, carefully combing eyelashes. The final stage of make-up - coloring of lips. In recent years in special popularity has gained the gloss suitable for creation of fresh day image. Use nonsticky easy means which does not flow and does not gather pleated lips. Alternative to gloss - lipstick. It can be put with brush, stack or even finger-tip. The last way will make make-up slightly negligent - today it fashionably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team