All about navel piercing

All about navel piercing

Piercing of navel is not so cosmetic procedure as it is considered to be, and operation. It consists in local piercing of skin for wearing ornament in these places. It is worth remembering that making piercing, you can do harm to the health as the site of skin is injured.

Useful information

If you have decided to execute piercing, address only to specialized salons which have the certified equipment and the medical license.

Piercing of navel is considered the oldest way of decoration of body. It is known that in Ancient Egypt the persons who are brought closer to the Pharaoh and priestesses navelsof punctured as the proof of the status. Today piercing is available practically to everyone.

Before piercing the site around navel is processed antiseptic. After that measure certain place and select ornament, considering the anatomic building. Jewelry for piercing is distinguished in size and design. As a rule, they are 6,8,10,12 millimetric. This procedure needs to be trusted only professionals. After performance of operation it is impossible to visit saunas, pools. If over time the puncture bothers, it is possible just to take out ornament. Through certain time the opening will grow, having left hardly noticeable scar.

Material for navel piercing

It should be noted that there are two concepts – secondary and primary piercing of navel. At primary puncture exclusively quality material with the increased biological compatibility is necessary. To it it is possible to carry gold 750 of test and alloy of the titanium and also niobium, teflon and plastic. The secondary puncture of navel (the begun to live opening) can be carried out, I use jewelry of 585 gold, surgical steel. Low-standard silver and gold are not suitable for piercing of navel as impurity which sensitive skin can answer with emergence of allergic reaction are their part. Use of jewelry of low-quality materials can serve as allocation of certain components of alloys in blood and leather. It will serve as the cause of pigmentation. If you are at a loss when choosing ornament for piercing, ask for the help the qualified specialist.

Care for piercing

Before carrying out any manipulations with puncture, it is necessary to disinfect hands. If you have decided to replace ornament, it needs previously to be sterilized. It is necessary to apply to processing of wound chlorhexidinmerimistin. It will not burn wound, despite spirit basis. Pay attention: when processing puncture the insignificant darkening of wound happens the peroxide of hydrogen or other means containing alcohol. It should not cause concerns to you. You remember: it is regularly necessary to process and advance the begun to live puncture (to scroll) ornament, cleaning off from it skin fat, dirt and sweat. For this purpose use washing cosmetics.

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