All about tattoos: as long heals

All about tattoos: as long heals

The aspiration to decorate the body brings the person into tattoo salon. This industry promptly develops, new technologies of drawing the image appear. Desire to decorate itself with tattoo blocks even fear of pain.

It is necessary to put tattoos in specialized salon at the skilled master who is a good judge of the business, will be able to fulfill any requirements of the customer. Besides professionalism success will depend also on observance of elementary rules which will help to keep tattoo for many years. The tattoo demands due leaving, otherwise it can grow dull, lose accurate contour, will begin to blur.

Tattoos from 1 to 2 weeks begin to live. This term is individual for all and will depend on the correct injured skin care on the place of drawing the drawing. The entire period of healing of wound it is necessary to watch that the damaged site of skin did not dry up, and on it crusts and cracks were not formed. Otherwise the crust can fall off together with paint, and the tattoo will lose the appeal, will be places not painted over and will demand additional work on it.

After the master has applied the image to body, he wipes the surface of skin with antibacterial means and imposes compress in the form of film. It prevents hit of infection on wound and promotes fast healing. The compress is imposed once in salon and is removed in 3-4 hours. To do lotions, to roll up tattoo in the subsequent it is impossible. That the wound on the place of tattoo has healed quickly and without consequences, it is necessary to watch it and day and night. When drawing the drawing on skin its upper layer is mentioned. From wound the lymph which forms crust follows from time to time. This moment needs be not to missed and washed away lymph in due time warm water with use of antibacterial soap. After washing it is necessary to blot wound with dry napkin and to apply Bepanten ointment. This means well is suitable for fast regeneration of cells of skin, interferes with removal of pigment. It is the best of all to do tattoos in off-duty time that there was opportunity to stay at least three days of the house and to look after properly new tattoo. That the injured skin did not dry, it needs to be greased with ointment constantly. It is forbidden to wet tattoo and to rub bast. In the first days can seem that the image dim, but all this is reparable. Over time the drawing will be such, as well as has been conceived. The tattoo can become covered by thin film which will peel off then in process of healing of wound. The first several weeks it is necessary to refuse the fitting clothes which will touch and press on tattoo. It is better to give preference to spacious dresses from natural fabrics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team