All about wrappings or How to reduce body volumes by 5 cm

All about wrappings or How to reduce body volumes by 5 cm

Wrappings - one of the most popular house procedures for reduction of volumes of body and manifestations of cellulitis. What is it, how to carry out the procedure and what types of wrappings are most effective?

What is wrappings

The essence of the procedure is extremely simple - (for example, legs, hips, stomach) apply in advance prepared structure on all body or its certain sites then all this is covered with transparent film (in house conditions it is possible to use usual food). Then it is necessary to be wrapped up with warm plaid or blanket. It is considered that the effect will be more noticeable if duration of wrappings is from 45 to 60 minutes, too long - it is undesirable. Course - on average up to 10 procedures, 2-3 times a week.

In what efficiency of wrappings

Actually wrappings, of course, do not heat any fat, however perfectly cope with removal of slags, smooth roughnesses, improve microcirculation, raise skin tone. Thanks to course of procedures it is possible without additional efforts to reduce body volumes by 3-5 cm. The main thing is not to exceed 3-day break between procedures.

Rules of carrying out wrappings

Despite simplicity of the procedure, nevertheless it is necessary to consider several nuances. First, before wrapping it is necessary to purify carefully skin, it is possible even by means of srub. Secondly, after the procedure take warm shower without cosmetics. Then it is desirable to pound body by means of bast and to grease with anti-cellulite cream. By the way, beginners should not carry out the procedure too long - at first be convinced that your organism well reacts to it.

Types of wrappings

For carrying out wrappings it is possible to use various means: seaweed, curative dirt, wax, honey, cocoa, coffee and even mustard, however, the last type of wrappings can do more harm, than advantage and to provoke serious burn of integuments.


Any "female" problems (cysts, fibromas, etc.), the increased temperature, availability of rash and grazes, recently undergone operation, pregnancy.

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