Anoreksichny girls - are graceful or disgusting?

Anoreksichny girls - are graceful or disgusting?

, whose weight reaches the lower possible bound, or even below, often look at all not as fashionable models at which parameters they aim. The last try to obtain beautiful appearance long trainings, they practically have no fat, but there is beautiful muscular relief. Anoreksichny girls have often quite flabby skin and there is practically no muscle bulk.

The Anoreksichny girl - it is beautiful?

You should not confuse the anoreksichny girl with the slender brought-up beauty. Their figures are absolutely different. The girls suffering from excessive leanness often have practically no muscle bulk. They quickly are tired, have quite dejected appearance. Such women will often stoop that spoils impression even more. It is heavy to hide their figure under the fitting clothes.

Skirts on such girls look badly as legs too thin. Fashionable tight jeans pipes also emphasize leanness. The breast often is hollow, and open blouses only draw attention to it. Therefore such girls should wear wide clothes which hide all defects. However on the beach and to hide imperfections of figure in light summer clothes rather hard.

Many men do not find any beauty in anoreksichny girls. It and is unsurprising, the hollow breast and legs-trostinochki a little in which of men can kindle passion. Therefore record to the gym and the healthy nutrition promoting set of muscle bulk will become the most optimal solution for anoreksichny girls.

Nutritionists have special formula on which it is possible to calculate body mass index. For this purpose it is necessary to divide weight into the squared growth. The value will show, weight is normal, or it is necessary to take him.

The Anoreksichny girl - how to achieve beauty?

At anereksichny girls of muscle are developed very poorly therefore at first it is worth avoiding intensive trainings. Three times a week will be quite enough hour occupations. It is necessary to work with different groups of muscles - legs, hands, back, chest department. It is possible to develop them by means of exercise machines, or being engaged in power trainings. About the weight of weights for exercise machines or dumbbells it is better to consult to the trainer. Usually beginners are engaged with dumbbells in one-two kilograms, gradually increasing weight. For value exercise machines different. For legs and spins are five-seven kilograms, for hands - ten. However everything is discussed individually. Already on the first occupation it will be clear whether the girl copes, or it is still better to lose weight.

Most of men likes the brought-up and slender girls, but not anoreksichny. Such there is a wish to feed, but not to love.

For set of weight the diet saturated with proteins is very good. In this case it is necessary to include low-fat meat in diet, bean, mushrooms. At the same time before training dense carbohydrate having a snack is obligatory. For hour prior to occupations it is necessary to eat porridge, pasta from firm grades of wheat, rice, buckwheat, fruit cereals salad, etc. It will provide organism with energy and will help to cope with all exercises. Besides, it is obligatory to drink clear water. Not less than five glasses a day are desirable. It helps to remove toxins and lactic acid which is formed during the power trainings. Following such system, it is possible to find beautiful body in three-four months. The main thing that trainings were regular, and the diet - is saturated with protein. Change of way of life will help not only to gain muscle bulk. Body tissues will be filled with oxygen, skin will become elastic, will be tightened. The complexion will change, bearing, eyes will become bright. And the girl will resemble the ideal - model from cover of the fashionable magazine. Meanwhile, it is worth to remember that anorexia is disease. Sometimes without participation of experts and, the most important, supports of relatives she cannot be defeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team