Anti-cellulite massage and wrappings: double blow to cellulitis

Anti-cellulite massage and wrappings: double blow to cellulitis

In fight against cellulitis the huge role is played by integrated approach. Simultaneous application of two procedures which are mutually strengthening action of each other allows to achieve the necessary effect. Such decision gives the chance to receive the tightened buttocks and harmonious legs for short period.

Advantages of massage and wrappings

Massage promotes improvement of lymphatic drainage that in turn helps to bring excess liquid out of organism. Thus, this procedure eliminates developments of stagnation in fabrics. Besides, only massage allows to break inveterate fat deposits which form notorious orange-peel. Action of massage is really invaluable: it influences fat layer, improves lymphatic drainage and besides strengthens muscle work. All this will interfere with formation of cellulitis further.

Anti-cellulite wrapping activates splitting of fatty tissue. Under the influence of heat there is removal of toxins and excess liquid. Means with which wrappings are carried out improve skin tone, do it elastic and tightened. It is very important as at disposal of cellulitis there is also weight loss that adversely affects condition of integument.

How to do massage from cellulitis

It is possible to do anti-cellulite massage as at the expert, and independently, using various means. For this purpose massage cream will approach, but it is better to apply anti-cellulite oil as a part of which there are ethers of citruses and juniper. Such means will allow hands to slide well and will help to promassirovat necessary sites carefully. Anti-cellulite massage needs to be begun with easy grinding of ankle and calves, moving in the direction from below up. Further it is necessary to make the pressing and massing movements on internal and front side of hip and only then to pass to massage of external and back part of hip and buttocks. Massage of each leg has to last 20-30 minutes. If to carry out the procedure independently difficult, it is possible to use special massagers.

How to carry out anti-cellulite wrapping

For wrappings it is recommended to use sea clay or seaweed. Also the procedure can be carried out with anti-cellulite cream – its effect will be enhanced by thermal influence. Besides, wrapping will require food wrap. It is better to carry out the procedure right after massage, previously having taken shower. For wrapping it is necessary to apply clay, seaweed or any other cellulitis medicine to skin. After that the body needs to be covered with film – beginning from below, it is necessary to wrap leg polyethylene, and then buttocks. The film has to adjoin densely and at the same time not peredavlivat body. After that it is necessary to lie down, take cover warm blanket and to lie down, having relaxed, 20-40 minutes (the exact time depends on the used means). Upon termination of wrapping it is necessary to take shower. For obtaining visible result it will be required to carry out 10-12 procedures. It is possible to do wrappings after massage daily or every other day.

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