Antibacterial hand soap: whether kills microbes?

Antibacterial hand soap: whether kills microbes?

Many people, having given in to importunate advertizing, have begun to use antibacterial soap as usual hygienic. It really easily copes with harmful mikroogranizm, but at the same time ruins also set of useful

The advertizing of antibacterial soap which is broadcast on television daily reminds wide range of the audience how many terrible bacteria and viruses trap them literally everywhere. The only advantage of this show is development of important hygienic habit to wash hands.

Safety first of all

Antibacterial hygienic means, as a rule, contain triclosan, triclocarban, chlorxylenol, chlorhexidin gluconate, alcohols, ammonium connections. So, only alcohol of 60% during the evaporation, the making only 30 seconds, is capable to destroy over 90% of the known microbes. However, phenoxyethanol which is present often at antibacterial soap too is effective only in fight against mold.

On the question standing in heading it is possible to answer unambiguously in the affirmative – kill, but many of the listed substances are not safe for human body, and especially children's. Sodium benzoate and phenoxyethanol belong to the parabens having property to collect. It leads afterwards to allergic reactions. Sometimes they are part in such small doses as preservatives that the producer does not find it necessary to report about it on packing. Triclosan and trikloban – these two components are for a long time applied in soap, however investigated the nature of their influence quite recently. It has turned out that they destroy the enzyme which is responsible for protective wall of microorganism in bacteria, doing it vulnerable. And everything would be good if not to know what antiseptic agents do not choose whether they destroy harmful bacteria or useful.

Whether any bacteria are harmful?

Scientists claim that on the surface of human body over 500 friendly microorganisms which create barrier to penetration of alien bacteria live. Experts in the field of hygiene warn that any soap destroys natural protection, but antibacterial works more aggressively. It cannot be applied as all body soap, except washing of hands. And it is recommended to use in special cases, at cut, graze to which dirt has accidentally got. For daily washing of hands moreover several times, contraindicated. The last researches have shown that the people using antibacterial hygienic means on constant basis are irresponsive to antibiotics, even such effective as vankomitsin. Therefore in care of purity the measure and prudence are important.

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