Application of celandine for face cleaning

Application of celandine for face cleaning

Unique properties of celandine are known for a long time. All parts of plant have medicinal properties: leaves, root system, stalks and even flowers. The celandine is widely used in traditional medicine and cosmetology, for example, for face cleaning.

On the basis of celandine prepare broths, infusions, lotions, masks and also use juice (in pure form it burns skin therefore it is added to composition of cosmetics). The way of use of celandine depends on face skin type.

Juice of celandine is stored in densely closed capacity from dark glass in the fridge it is no more than 3 weeks.

The recipe of the cleaning mask

To prepare the cleaning cosmetic for fat type of skin, such components will be necessary:

- 2 fresh cucumbers; - couple of news of celandine;

- 200 ml of vodka. The celandine and cucumbers crushed in gruel put in one-liter jar and fill in with vodka. Infuse this mix in the cool place 1.5-2 weeks. Ready means is applied on the gauze put in several layers then such compress is put on face for 3-5 minutes. Further wash cool boiled water and cover the skin with the moisturizing cream. This procedure is recommended to do in case the result is necessary urgently: after the first use of cosmetic mix skin will gain beautiful equal color. If skin sensitive, for its cleaning recommend to prepare the cosmetic mix consisting of such ingredients: - 5 ml of olive or peach oil; - egg yolk; - 9-10 drops of juice of celandine. Oil and yolk carefully mix then enrich mix with celandine juice. Apply ready means to the prepared skin, and in 4-5 minutes wash the boiled water cooled up to the comfortable temperature. Thanks to regular use of this cleaning cosmetic face gets rid of acne rash, pigmental spots are clarified and also skin receives valuable nutrients.

Celandine – poisonous plant therefore it is necessary to use it carefully. The overdose is not allowed: it can lead to skin burn.

How to prepare lotion

For this purpose the following ingredients will be necessary: - 1 tsps of dry flowers of linden; - 1 tsps of leaves of medicinal sage; - 1 tsps of grass of celandine; - 1 tsps of flowers of pharmaceutical camomile; - 1 tsps of grass of the made a hole St. John's wort; - 1.5-2 tablespoons of vodka; - 300 ml of water. Grass collecting is filled in with the begun to boil water and insisted 30-33 minutes. After infusion filter, add vodka and mix. Ready lotion is poured in glass capacity. Wipe with this cosmetic face twice-three times a day: it perfectly purifies skin, refreshes it and tones up. At oily skin with enlarged pores it is better to use lotion which recipe is as follows: - 1 tablespoon of grass of celandine; - 2 tablespoons of flowers of calendula; - 2 tablespoons of leaves of plantain; - 400 ml of water. Herbs fill in with the begun to boil water, bring mix to boiling then broth is infused by 43-45 minutes. Infusion is filtered and wipe with it face twice a day.

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