Art painting on nails: master class for beginners

Art painting on nails: master class for beginners

Well-groomed hands and beautiful accurate manicure are capable to decorate any woman. Except habitual monophonic varnish, nails can be decorated also in many other ways. At the same time as jewelry both expensive materials, and make-shifts can be used. One of such is art painting of nails. To comprehend elements of art painting of nails, it is absolutely optional to study at special courses or to address experts.

For art painting of nails there are no borders, everything depends on your imagination. The drawing can be located also on surface of all nail plate, and on the specific site in the form of any certain element. The most important in the course of painting is drawing of the picture, drawing contours of the image.

At art painting of nails, spangles can be required, foil, color powder, etc. Besides, nail varnishes of the most various types and coloring are necessary. Perfectly acrylic paints approach for this purpose – they do not spread, perfectly mix up, and their color scale strikes with the brightness and variety.

Also thick and thin brushes, sticks and needles, depending on desirable pattern will be useful for painting. Brushes can be used as on already dried, and to svezhenanesenny varnish. And it must be kept in mind that when drawing on even liquid surface the drawing will turn out indistinct, and paints will mix up. The contour of the image needs to be put with the thinnest brush, also the needle will be suitable for these purposes, but then lines will not be such accurate and correct. The ready drawing is covered with fixer.

Not very well intricate drawing at you on nails or simple pattern, such manicure will surely pay attention to you and will underline your identity.

For a start do the procedure of preparation of nail plates, habitual for manicure. Remove residues of old varnish, process cuticle, give to marigold the desirable form and polish their surface. The design created by you will hold on on marigold much longer if before the procedure to degrease surface of nail plates. For this purpose by means of abrasive nail file it is necessary to skim carefully the thinnest nail, to wipe it with degreaser, liquid for varnish removal can replace it and cover with transparent basis. Then it is possible to start painting - the simple can be put by means of usual wooden toothpick. For this purpose apply on nails the main background as which can act as varnish of one color, and at once several tones placed in chaotic order. Then, without allowing it to dry, drip several droplets of varnish of contrast color and stretch them toothpick on surface of nail plate in fantasy pattern. It is necessary to do everything quickly, but it is very accurate. It is the best of all to be trained on false nails or piece of cardboard in advance.

Very effectively the drawing "Winter Morning" when on light blue background white frosty "lace" is drawn looks. White caviar beads, the serving snow and flat rhinestones of silvery color will become excellent addition to painting.

Special thin brush it is possible to draw acrylic paints more difficult patterns. Apply several varnishes of various shades on nails so that they slightly found at each other, and then brush trace borders between them in more dark color, and it can have the most bizzare shape. The turned-out cells can be issued interestingly decorative spangles. They will allow to disguise small errors in manicure. Very unusually the lacy design of nails looks. If it is difficult for you to work with brush, it is possible to use the handle with gel filler. Just apply thin reticulum on in advance put and already completely dried out background with the handle of contrast color. However it is not necessary to draw lace on all surface of nail, otherwise the design will be evident too. Places of crossing of lines can be decorated with small balls or caviar beads of the corresponding color. It is not obligatory to suffer applying absolutely identical drawing on each nail at all, the modern fashion assumes that on each nail there was the unique pattern or in general it can be only on one of them. Any painting needs to be fixed by two layers of transparent varnish. It will allow to prevent damages of the drawing and to keep integrity of decorative elements. Besides, it will add beautiful gloss and more complete look to your manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team