As always to look freshen also well rested

As always to look freshen also well rested

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to holiday still plenty of time, and there is always a wish to look good. There are couple of secrets which will help to look as after the holiday even without that availability.

Pick up the correct coloring

Your choice - the coloring allowing to create visibility of the hair which have burned out in the sun. Look narrowly at technicians to ombra, balayazh and shatush.

Coloring shatush gives effect of solar patches of light on hair. The master clarifies hair in chaotic order therefore you look as if few months lived on the sea coast, at the same time moistening hair with various masks nearly every day.

At ombra the hair are painted by horizontal ranks that gives sharp contrast between tips and roots.

Balayazh unites in itself technicians shatush and ombra. Here and contrast between roots and tips, and patches of light on all length.

Take natural resistance to burning out of the hair into account and choose the coloring option which is the most suitable for you. Also do not forget to buy the indelible conditioner, fluid and masks for dyed hair. It will help to keep fresh type of hair within 6-8 weeks after coloring.

Do not go too far in make-up

As a rule, women after the holiday and so feel rather attractive. So your task is to learn to do so-called nyudovy make-up.

Bleach teeth

Actually, it is not so harmful as it is considered to be. Now there is a lot of modern means for house use, but they do not yield instant result - it is necessary to wait 1-2 weeks. If expectation is not in your plans, address to specialized tooth clinic. Surely specify concentration of peroxide of hydrogen: about 25% of percent are considered shchedyashchy. Otherwise be not surprised that the sensitivity of teeth will sharply increase during the procedure and will return to normal only several hours later.

Touch the make-up bag with creams

For flying do not approach cream with dense rich textures at all. Stop the choice on easy emulsions and fluids, otherwise pobly with the clogged-up pores not to avoid. Whenever possible visit beauty shop, make the moistening leaving and easy peeling.

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