As always to remain harmonious

As always to remain harmonious

If you – one of those lucky women who after the made efforts on weight loss were quite satisfied with result you need to fix it not to recover again. How to keep symmetry?


1. Before full acceptance of food drink glass of water. Liquid will prepare organism for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fact is that the feeling of hunger can arise not because you want to eat, and because of usual thirst. Water will fill this requirement, respectively, you will eat no more necessary norm.

2. If the feast is necessary, drink waters approximately in 1 hour prior to party. Combine meat products with greens and fresh vegetables salads. It is better to eat piece of cake with cup of unsweetened tea, than with juice or sparkling water. Periodically you leave because of table that you had no temptation to eat something else. Of course, you should not look at foods hungry eyes too. Choose compromise: try different dishes, but gradually. Make the next day fasting day.

3. Follow the rule is not after six. It will help to remain harmonious, to feel ease and activity every day. If to you unbearable to wait for several hours to dream, eat apple or 150-200 g of salad from fresh vegetables. But surely manage to make it at least in 3 hours before you go to bed.

4. If for creation of slim and beautiful figure you were engaged in the gym or visited the pool, do not stop trainings. You can reduce their frequency, but at least 1-2 times a week, otherwise your forms will gradually droop. Do not forget to do also 5-10-minute gymnastics in the mornings.

5. Limit consumption fried, sharp and salty. To keep symmetry, eat fat fish, light chicken meat without thin skin, crude vegetables and fruit, chicken protein, seafood, nuts, beans, wild rice. Fill salads with olive oil, and replace the concentrated juice with unsweetened compote or lemonade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team