As always to remain well-groomed

As always to remain well-groomed

It is much more important to be well-groomed, than to be beautiful. Men do not do difference between these concepts. Moreover, the ukhozhennost is capable to give to confidence any girl.

You watch hair

The grown roots painted nobody yet. If you have chosen color which cardinally differs from your natural hair color, be so kind as to tint roots each 6-8 weeks. If you are not able to do it, try to return to the natural color (+/-couple of tones) or choose such type of coloring which allows not to podklashivat roots or to tint seldom: balayazh, shatush or ombra.

Also do not allow formation of secheny tips. The splitting hair cannot be hidden. If your hair are inclined to section, take for the rule to cut them at least everyone few months. Find the hairdresser and trust the hair only to him. It is the same will save you from problems in irregular shape of hairstyle.

Varnish has to lie ideally

The peeled varnish - taboo for any girl who wants to be well-groomed. And as on hands, and standing. The peeled varnish is capable to spoil even the most faultless image. If varnish has got down at least on one nail, it is necessary to recolour not only its, and all marigold. If you paint nails only in salon, get transparent varnish and remuver in case of unforeseen trouble. It is impossible to make up nails crookedly transparent varnish, plus it will give ukhozhennost to type of your marigold before the following visit of salon.

There was now new way to make covering more resistant - manicure with shellac. Learn to do it independently, especially if you priverzhenitsa of one color of nails. House manicure will turn out much cheaper.

Hands - your person

Take for the rule to do manicure at least once in two weeks. Hangnails and the accrued cuticle spoils all look. Your handles have to be fine. Learn to do manicure independently if you have no time periodically to go to manicure salon. It is difficult only first, then such procedure will take you at most half an hour.

You watch skin

All have problems with skin and to get rid of them happens not so simply. But you are able to do everything possible for this purpose. You watch food, visit kospetolog regularly, to oshchishchayta and moisturize the skin. If it does not help, address the endocrinologist and the gastroenterologist - can, you have problems with thyroid gland or digestive tract. More serious consequences, than problem skin can cause such problems. Be attentive to the health!

Bleach teeth

It is possible to bleach teeth differently. For example, to have less black coffee, to leave off smoking, to regularly visit the stomatologist, there are more apples. Yellow teeth very negatively affect appearance. Do not start this problem if it is!

Correct make-up in time

The Floated make-up gave nobody appeal yet. Such meyk ages and gives very not well-groomed look. If you are not able to support make-up in original form, better do not do it in general, you manage the moisturizing cream and waterproof ink.

Look after eyebrows

We live at the time of cult of eyebrows so they have to be faultless. In time adjust their form, paint and cut them. Forget about permanent make-up. If you cannot pick up the correct form, do not regret money and address the specialist in eyebrows. He will help to modify form and color and also will pick up special technology of coloring and will execute everything top-level. Eyebrows are capable to change to unrecognizability the person as to the best, and in the worst. You treat eyebrow care seriously.

Moisten lips

The weather-beaten cracked skin of lips cannot be attractive. Get lip balm, do srubs and peelings of times for them in week. It will help to keep lips bright, soft and well-groomed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team