As bezammiachny paint on hair is quickly washed away

As bezammiachny paint on hair is quickly washed away

Women have learned to paint hair at the time of Cleopatra's government. Since those times of paint have changed the structure cardinally, there was set of their options including various additives for leaving and food of hair.

Initially for coloring of hair henna, basma or other components of plant origin which not only changed color was used, but also fed structure of hair, strengthened it and rejuvenated. At the beginning of the 20th century, paint has been developed for change of hair color on the basis of ammonia which has very quickly taken the leading positions, and has soon and completely forced out vegetable paints. But the structure of such means is very aggressive, its efficiency is based on impact on structure of natural material of which the hair consists and which is very difficult restored. Even ammonia vapors which get into airways of the person during the procedure of coloring of hair are dangerous. And on head skin at some of those who use means on its basis ammonia leaves burns. Producers of decorative cosmetics this problem, of course, disturbed at all not less, than their clients, and they, after the long-term researches and experiments, nevertheless could develop hair-dye without ammonia.

What is bezammiachny hair-dye

The Bezammiachny painting means are based on pigments of plant origin, they can be used often, and even after chemical wave and decolorization of hair. Not only the substances changing hair color, but also extracts of plants (birches, grapes, nut), oils are their part and extracts from them, moisten complexes of vitamins which feed and restore their structure.

Those who have not managed to test novelty yet are disturbed, of course, by question of how bezammiachny paint from the surface of hair is quickly washed away. Unlike the aggressive predecessor, bezammiachny paint does not influence structure of hair, and only changes color of their surface. Paint on the basis of ammonia gets into hair depth, lifting its scales, that is, destroying it. Substances of the sparing means shroud hair and are fixed on its surface by means of peroxide of hydrogen which content is so insignificant that which in the way cannot do harm. On surface the pigments keep within 5-6 weeks, but their color grows dull with each washing of the head.

Shortcomings of the bezammiachny painting means

Unfortunately, everything that has indisputable advantages, has also the shortcomings. Also bezammiachny hair-dye did not become exception, but its minuses are so insignificant that are simply not capable to eclipse its pluses. For example, if it is necessary to get rid by means of bezammiachny paint of gray hair, it will need to be done in several stages. Besides, this means is more expensive, than paint on the basis of ammonia. But if to consider that the structure of hair will not be damaged such expenses will be quite justified.

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