As by means of cream to get rid of extensions in house conditions

As by means of cream to get rid of extensions in house conditions

All women want to look perfectly. They exhaust themselves with diets, extra kilos lose, win against cellulitis. But on body after excessive completeness there can be ugly white extensions. You should not panic, it is necessary to try to get rid of them.

Striya – so the official medicine calls extensions. And though they do not bring any discomfort and do not hurt, their emergence can become the most present tragedy for the fair sex. These pale hems of the small size very ugly look on skin, and their removal demands great patience.

Sharp change of weight, pregnancy, hormonal violations in organism, active sports activities are the most common causes of emergence of extensions.

There is set of ways to get rid of extensions. Along with massages, cosmetics and professional procedures is available many means which can be applied in house conditions. For example, the body scrub prepared with own hand. For this purpose it is necessary to take olive oil (or palm oil) and to mix it with sugar, sea salt or coffee thick. As a result dense weight with pleasant smell will turn out. This srub needs to be applied on problem sites of skin during acceptance of shower and to mass them within 7-10 minutes. After that it will be appropriate to take contrast shower and to apply the moistening milk on body.

Houses can be done and wrappings. The means containing collagen, elastin or cocoa butter are for this purpose applied. After drawing such means on problem sites of skin it is necessary to take cover and some time to lie down.

Special cream which are capable to save from extensions on stomach and hips (at least, it is so written on packing) it is possible to find in good selection in shops today. Such cream contain A, E, D, C vitamins which are extremely necessary for skin regeneration. Besides, as a part of quality cream from extensions there have to be essential oils, natural plant extracts, extract from soy, lactic acid. Absolute hit in fight against extensions is cream from mummy.

Mummies – unique substance, not for nothing consider it all diseases medicine. It resembles pitch superficially and gathers in Mountains Altai, in cracks and emptiness of rocks.

It not only reduces the size of the existing striya and reduces intensity of their color, but also considerably increases elasticity of integument and promotes regeneration of fabrics. Besides, such cream is absolutely safe. Thanks to organic origin of mummy has no side effects. It is absolutely simple to prepare cream from mummy in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare 4-5 grams integral mummy. Then it is necessary to boil water, slightly to cool it and to add teaspoon to mummies. Weight should be stirred very carefully that there were no lumps. After that it is necessary to take cream (it is possible children's) and to add it to balm in number of 70-100 grams. It is necessary to stir and leave the received mix carefully for 15 minutes. Then again to stir. Cream is ready. As the mummy is substance with specific smell, to kill it, it is possible to mix mummies with the flavored body creams. It is necessary to apply the received mix massage movements to clean skin. It is better to repeat the procedure in the morning and in the evening, cream at the same time does not need to be washed away. Systematic use of this cream within 2-3 months shows amazing results in fight against extensions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team