As carry out face peel

As carry out face peel

Skin constantly is affected by harmful ecological factors. From it its state worsens, black dots on face, wrinkles appear. For recovery of skin carry out mechanical face peel.

On visit to the cosmetologist it is not always possible to find money. Therefore it is necessary to know how to carry out the procedure in house conditions, using improvised stock. Consider that for carrying out cleaning there are two basic rules. First, you carry out all manipulations only on the purified skin and well washed up hands. Thus, you will minimize risk of entering of infections. Secondly, you do not purge if on skin there are inflammations, red heat-spots, not healed wounds or other diseases of skin. Intensive impact on skin can lead to bigger inflammation. Statistically 65% of women do face peel independently for various reasons: discontent with service in salon, fear to injure skin, economy of means and so on.

Before carrying out cleaning carefully prepare skin. Make so-called vaporization. For this purpose put on face paraffin mask or any other which well expands and cleans pores. As an alternative it is possible to use the cleaning gel or milk for washing. After that put srub on face, massage a little and wash away water. If you want to prepare srub independently, mix fresh ground coffee with spoon of yogurt or sour cream. When choosing srub in shop pay attention to abrasive parts. They should not be too large, otherwise you easily injure skin.

Now start directly manual processing of problem sites. For this purpose take the cotton roller or disk, clamp part of skin and squeeze out mud stopper. Of course, skin after such influence can swell up a little or redden therefore act extremely accurately. If cleaning is made correctly, in several hours the reaction of skin will take place. For removal of black dots use forefingers. Just you press them on points from two parties: if the face is steamed well out, dirt will come to light.

Try not to press on skin nails: from it there can be traces. And during cleaning do not squeeze out eels. Dry up them salicyl alcohol or tea tree oil better. In conclusion process the surface of skin alcohol-containing tonic, and then apply the moisturizing cream. Thanks to it, pores will be narrowed. Also in house conditions it is possible to wipe skin with ice piece. Prepare ice, having mixed boiled water and lemon juice. Ratio: one spoon of lemon juice on glass of water. In addition, at the end it is possible to make moisturizing mask for the person. For this purpose take tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Warm up mix on water bath and put on face for 15 minutes. Such mask well moisturizes the skin: peeling vanishes and the face becomes soft. You carry out similar face peel once in two weeks or is more rare. Everything depends on individual requirements of skin. Remember that mechanical cleaning is strong impact on skin. Therefore sometimes alternate it to processing by srub.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team