As delete vegetation with armpits

As delete vegetation with armpits

The zone of armpits always requires special attention during removal of undesirable hair on body, unlike legs and more intimate areas it practically always in sight. At the same time skin armpits very thin and sensitive to any influence therefore it is necessary to select means for epilation not only proceeding from their efficiency, but also taking into account possible morbidity of the procedure.


1. The easiest and available way to remove hair armpits is, of course, ordinary razor. To learn to cope with it, it is rather simple to try once. For this purpose the safety razor with new fine edge, shaving foam, small brush or brush and cream for moistening of skin after shaving will be necessary for you.

2. It is the most convenient to shave hair with armpits in the bathroom as there you can easily wash away at once the remains of hair and foam. Besides, usually in bathrooms there is good lighting and big mirror by means of which it is convenient to control all process.

3. Apply a little shaving foam on small brush and smear it on skin of armpits. Then edge depilate in the direction against their growth. Rinse the purified skin of armpits with water from shower and dry wipe towel. Then apply the moisturizing cream which will calm skin and will remove consequences of mechanical irritation.

4. If you are afraid of fine edge and possible cuts, can use the electric razor and shave hairs in a dry form. However after the electric razor often there are dark dots on the place of the shaved hair, and skin looks not equal. Besides, after shaving by any razor hair begin to grow literally in one-two days therefore the procedure should be repeated almost daily.

5. Special hair removal creams will help to achieve longer and resistant result. The acids dissolving protein keratin of which hair consist usually are their part. To remove unnecessary vegetation by means of cream, smear with it armpits thin layer, using the flat rake enclosed in set. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove cream together with hair scraper. Then wash out skin large amount of clear water, wipe and grease with the moisturizing cream or gel after shaving.

6. Not less resistant result is yielded by epilation hot wax, the melted sugar weight (sugaring) or with use of electroepilator. However all these ways are rather painful and can cause strong irritation of skin therefore it is better to do them in specialized salon by means of the professional master cosmetologist.

7. If you prefer to do wax or sugar epilation independently in house conditions, surely buy for it only quality materials in specialized shops and previously at least once visit beauty shop to remember the correct sequence of actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team