As Demi Moore has lost weight

As Demi Moore has lost weight

Demi Moore – the Hollywood film star who has achieved success not only in career, but also in fight against extra kilos. In 48 years it has the weight of 44 kg, looking at the same time is very young. The secret of such weight loss is concealed in trainings, the special systems of weight loss and diets.

System of weight loss Demi Moore: diet + sport = slim figure

For all life Demi Moore was influenced by set of diets. The balanced food was the most useful and effective. The menu at such food looked so:

- breakfast: fried eggs with toasts, fruit and vegetables;

- lunch: green beans (siliculose haricot), spinach, asparagus, artichokes; - lunch: steam fish or chicken with vegetables as garnish;

- dinner: the rice filled with soy sauce, boiled carrots and spinach.

From sweet Demi Moore was able to afford dried fruits and honey. It is possible to take drinks: mint tea, juice from fruit, water. Bread and confectionery are strictly forbidden.

Such diet was followed by daily physical activities. Under the sensitive management of the trainer Demi Moore carried out the program made for her. It is known that it did each of exercises till 25-50 times. Except occupations in gym, in its list there was swimming, morning jog (5 km), driving by mountain bicycle. Also took place of Spa procedure which have rejuvenated Demi's body, making her is even more seductive and more graceful.

Diets Demi Moore

For several years Demi Moore has managed to use several various diets. 1. Rawism. Demi Moore follows that rule that 75% of all products have to be crude. Exactly thanks to such diet of Demi could find ease in body. Besides crude products, the actress seasons all food with Chile hot pepper which has ability to accelerate metabolism and to burn excess calories. From drinks she gives preference to tomato cocktail (14 Kcal) and also the frozen cherry juice (40 Kcal). Instead of Demi's sweet eats the slices of apples watered with peanut butter. The main menu Demi Moore at rawism: - breakfast: fruit almonds, germinated wheat salad or seeds of pumpkin, glass of skim milk; - lunch: vegetables with olive oil or carpaccio with cheese parmesan; - dinner: vegetable soup or sushi (without rice), cheese, sunflower seeds of sunflower and berry.

Adhering to rawism, it is possible to drink fresh juices or mineral water.

2. "Clean Program" - the program of clarification. This system has huge popularity in the USA. The author of such program - Alejandro Dzhanguer - recommends in the mornings and to evenings to drink special cocktail, and during the lunchtime to eat only 1 vegetable, 1 portion of cereals and proteins. Together with Demi Moore one more Hollywood celebrity - Gwyneth Paltrow.3 is fond of the program of clarification. "Master Cleanse", or limonadny diet. Demi Moore has tried this power supply system together with the elect Asheton Kutcher. However she adhered to it not long – only 4 days. The author of such rigid diet - Stanley Burroughs - recommends to observe this power supply system within 10 days. To try on itself action of this program, you need to mix juice from 2 lemons, 1 tablespoon of maple juice or honey and pinch of the Cayenne pepper which can be replaced with red hot pepper. If you want to lose weight and have the same tremendous figure as at Demi Moore, one of its diets should be tried. But before it you descend to your attending physician behind consultation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team