As do anti-cellulite massage

As do anti-cellulite massage

Cellulitis - the frequent phenomenon on buttocks, hips and even upper parts of hands. It arises because of the broken exchange of liquid in organism. Anti-cellulite massage warms muscles and promotes burning of fat deposits. Also thanks to massage the organism gets rid of toxins.

It is required to you

  • Special brush, honey.


  1. There is wrong opinion that fat cages break up from influence of hands of the massage therapist. However extra kilos cannot be driven: they can only be burned. When problem fabrics warm up, there is acceleration of metabolism between intercellular liquid and cage. Removal of products of exchange from intercellular prostrantstvo results. It in turn prevents formation of developments of stagnation. For performing anti-cellulite massage buy brush with soft bristle and the convenient handle. It is desirable that the bristle was natural. Before massage wash up new brush with soap and dry.
  2. Brush carry out massage only on dry skin. Begin movements with foot and gradually move ahead to buttocks. During the movement combine circular rotation with grinding in the direction of muscle fibers. Order of massaging of upper body: from palms to armpits, then you pass to back and shoulders, and later to stomach. At first you carry out massage accurately and be not overzealous. Time of performing massage: 5 minutes or a little more. When skin gets used to such influence, buy brush with more rigid bristle.
  3. One more type of anti-cellulite massage - with honey. It improves the general condition of skin, raises its tone and elasticity. For massage use flower or white honey. Take it in palms and warm a little. Later apply with the patting movements on those places where cellulitis has accumulated. Wait a little until honey is absorbed in skin. Continue accurate, but effective pats. As a result from body the fat weight having white color will begin to be allocated. If it sticks to palms, wash up hands and continue massage until white mix does not cease to be emitted. After massage use shower to wash away the remains of sticky honey from body. Achievement of medical effect requires at least 15 sessions.
  4. Start massage only when muscles of body are relaxed. Movements at massage have to be easy and smooth. Begin with slow pats and gradually increase the pace. Carry out anti-cellulite massage at least once a week. Regular procedures are the most important condition for the fastest disposal of cellulitis.
  5. During performance of massage use different technicians. Stroking - any movements of fingers in certain area of body. By means of stroking, muscles are warmed. Therefore this equipment is used at the beginning and at the end of any massage. Grinding - more intensive type of stroking. At it fingers of hands are placed very widely, and during the movement they densely adjoin to skin. Pats - blows of various intensity. You strike blows with the fingers compressed in fist. Pressing can be deep or superficial. Take piece of skin hands and knead it as dough. Special technicians of massage raise skin tone, promote removal of toxins from organism.
  6. Massage against cellulitis cannot be carried out at all if on skin there are any damages, wounds, scratches and inflammations. In addition procedures are banned at varicosity and heart diseases.

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