As do manicure in style of Tiffany

As do manicure in style of Tiffany

Fashionable manicure – one of the main components of stylish image. Many fashionistas, in attempts to show the belonging to the world of fashion and sense of style inherent in them, address fashion brands. One of the most popular designs of nails is manicure in style of Tiffany. Especially stylish similar manicure looks on short and nails of average length.

Creation of manicure in style of Tiffany

Such manicure is not difficult to be made independently at all. The main thing, it to take care of that nails were in perfect tune since manicure of color of Tiffany to look it will be stylish only on well-groomed fingers. Classical cut manicure which will save from surplus of cuticle, roughnesses of nails and hangnails will help with it.

Will be necessary for creation of manicure:

- nippers – for removal of cuticle; - orange stick-pusher – for moving of cuticle; - file – for correction of shape of nails; - liquid for varnish removal – for removal of surplus of varnish from skin; - Q-tips; - set of varnishes in color palette of Tiffany – mint, turquoise, blue, white, gold, silvery, menthol; - thin brushes – for drawing drawings on nails; - rhinestones, crystals, bletka, beads – for original design; - minx film – for interesting covering; - caviar beads; - transparent base; - varnish-fixer; - spray drying – for varnish drying acceleration.

Original shade of Tiffany it is possible to take in finished form, and it is possible to create the hands. For this purpose mix blue, blue, yellow and drop of white varnish. To receive more saturated shade it is possible to connect varnish of blue and green color. First of all, make cut manicure and give to nails the correct form. Nails have to be equal, the identical size. Apply thin film of basic varnish on each nail plate to make it ideally equal. Then the necessary shade varnish marigold in one or two layers. That varnish has dried quicker, it is possible to use spray drying. On completely dried marigold it is possible to execute interesting design. Then everything becomes covered by layer of transparent varnish-fixer.

The ideas of design for manicure in style of Tiffany

In spite of the fact that this manicure already is quite original, it can be diversified with interesting decor. For example, having armed with caviar beads and varnish of blue, mint, menthol or other color, it is possible to create interesting "caviar" design. minx film can become quite good option. It is not obligatory to use it on each nail at all, it is enough to allocate one-two fingers. If to choose film under color of your main varnish, then it will turn out fashionable minks manicure. It is possible to decorate with the classical drawing reminding packing of Tiffany jewelry also the marigold. For this purpose cover nails with turquoise varnish, and atop put the drawing imitating The White Ribbon with bow. The similar neyl-art will emphasize your tenderness and romanticism. If you have at least the minimum skills of drawing, it is possible to represent on one of nails by means of gold or silver varnish nice key. It is possible on ready covering of color of Tiffany to paste rhinestones, beads or spangles. But keep in mind that it is very important to keep sense of proportion. Similar elements of design very bright therefore it is better to decorate or any zone on nail, for example, on tip, creating illusion of brilliant service jacket, or only a few marigold. Very unusually the design of Tiffany executed in the equipment of velvet manicure looks. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up varnish and flock of desirable shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team