As do permanent make-up

As do permanent make-up

If your lips have indistinct contour, and eyebrows merge with skin, think of possibility of permanent make-up, or permanent make-up. By means of the thinnest needle under skin the painting pigments are entered. They can designate contours century or lips, to imitate hairs of eyebrows. However this procedure has also contraindications - before addressing the specialist in permanent make-up, it is worth getting acquainted with them attentively.


1. Permanent make-up, or permanent make-up, call hypodermic introduction of the vegetable or inorganic painting pigments. With their help it is possible to draw contours of lips or century, to imitate hairs of eyebrows, to represent front sights and even completely to paint over sites of skin. This procedure demands care and accuracy - the special device with thin needle the cosmetologist enters paint on the necessary depth. On processing of contours the century can leave 2-3 hours, on drawing of small front sight - about half an hour. Depth of introduction of needle depends on pigment and area on which paint is applied.

2. Before the procedure it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. There is a number of contraindications for permanent make-up. Among them there are diabetes, bronchial asthma, various skin diseases. The tendency to formation of colloid hems or allergic reactions to dyes will become contraindication also.

3. Decide what option of make-up is necessary for you. The drawn contour of upper eyelids will create effect always of the made-up eyes. You can bring and lower eyelids, but such make-up visually reduces eyes. The permanent make-up of lips will help to designate contour of mouth and even slightly to correct its form. If your lips too pale, it is possible to apply paint on all their surface - such option will look more naturally. By means of permanent make-up it is possible to hide small hems or spots on skin and also to draw graceful front sight on face.

4. After the choice of the drawing the cosmetologist puts it on face pencil. The procedure of permanent make-up is quite painful and becomes under local anesthesia. Consider that completely to take off unpleasant effects it will not turn out - their intensity depends on your sensitivity. The chosen drawing is pinned by the special device with thin needle.

5. Directly after the procedure the drawn contour looks very bright - it confuses many patients. However after a while he turns pale, becoming more natural. Several days after permanent make-up of its drawing stay put crust - it in anybody case cannot be deleted. Wait until it completely dries and will fall off. You do not wet the person and you do not apply on it cosmetics. It is worth avoiding also direct sunshine, they can cause irritation of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team