As do tattoo standing

As do tattoo standing

tattoos – process rather painful. Aiming to make the image individual, young people go on this step. Recently became fashionable to do tattoo standing. Such drawings are especially popular with girls. First, female legs constantly are exposed to epilation therefore it is considered that to do tattoo on the lower extremities not so painfully, and secondly, women consider that modest the tattoo on leg does not look vulgar.


  1. For a start it is necessary to decide on the place on leg where the tattoo will be located. As a rule, put the small drawing on hip, calves, ankle, foot. Some decorate all leg.
  2. Drawing tattoos on upper part of foot, fingers over bone very painfully. Therefore if you are afraid of pain, refuse tattoo in these parts.
  3. Vybkrite the drawing which in consequence will be applied on leg. Pattern, national ornament, flowers, animal, ancient runes – everyone chooses on the taste and style.
  4. In tattoo salons usually there are catalogs of drawings, photos of works of masters from which you can choose something for yourself. Surely pay attention to workmanship of the drawing. Work of the bad master will be very complex to be corrected.
  5. Having chosen the drawing, it is necessary to test skin whether you have allergy to one of the components used when drawing tattoo. The specialist of salon has to carry out this test.
  6. If you are afraid of pain, specify what anesthetizing medicines can be used when carrying out this execution. Check whether you have allergy to them.
  7. Then the master will put the drawing under skin. Track that he used disposable needles and gloves.
  8. After operation it is necessary to observe number of measures for care for skin. To hide tattoo from direct sunshine, not to touch and not to rub before full healing, to avoid close contact with clothes of the site of skin with the drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team