As fine hair to make dense

As fine hair to make dense

Many women want to be beautiful and attractive. Someone by nature is given the thick, silky hair attracting views. Others should resort to various tricks to give to the hair visibility of volume. Why does that happen, it is difficult to answer, but it is possible to give advice which will help to correct situation.

Structure of hair

If the nature has not awarded you with fine head of hear, it is not necessary to despond, better to try to correct it.

Such characteristic as hair thickness, is the hereditary parameter, as well as color, and quantity of hair bulbs on the head. If at fine hair it is possible to increase diameter, then the number of bulbs cannot be made more. However, some resort to hair extension. Really, after this procedure your head of hear will become dense. It is that on your head will attach in a special way additional locks. But every fourth month you should adjust the increased curls. If you decide on such procedure, then at first recognize it by what method do in any given salon. Different types of building will variously affect your health. Choose more sparing.

Hair care products

Health of hair - guarantee of their beauty.

The majority of modern shampoos, balms and conditioners will not help to solve problem of fine, rare hair. They are capable to provide only visibility of volume on short period. Just as wave or coloring of hair. Perhaps, will seem to you strange, but paint really does hair by visually more magnificent. Massage of the head is very useful to hair. It will improve blood circulation and metabolism, will help to get rid of old cages. At regular procedures your curls will become healthy and much more dense. Often during massage apply various nutritious oils, especially useful it is considered cedar and burdock. It is possible even to combine them. Happens so, that after massage bulbs inactive before wake up that will naturally increase the number of hair and will make them dense. To saturate hair with vitamins, use various masks. Today there are various means. Pay attention to those which contain the moistening proteins. They will give to hair desired volume, without making heavier at the same time hairstyle and also will promote recovery of structure of the injured hair. If there is not enough money, it is possible to address national councils. Many of such compoundings contain herbs and food: kefir, egg yolk, bread, beer, honey, broths from leaves of nettle, birch or root of burdock. Such methods will also help to saturate hair with vitamins, to make them healthy and silky. But be careful with councils about use of acetic solution since it can do much harm: to cause irritation of head skin or even to burn hair. It is important to think of healthy nutrition. For growth and strengthening of curls it is necessary that necessary microelements came to organism. It is very useful to eat fresh vegetables and fruit and also meat, liver and fish. These products contain the iron and protein necessary for the correct work of hair bulbs.

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