As folk remedies to treat nails

As folk remedies to treat nails

Hands and legs with beautiful and healthy nails look attractively and is well-groomed. If nails are far from ideal, exfoliate, break or are affected with fungus, they can be cured folk remedies.


1. Strengthen brittle nails on hands by means of oil bath with lemon juice addition. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil from 0.5 tsps of lemon juice, in this mix lower fingers so that it has covered completely nail plates. The procedure has to not less than 15 minutes last. Not bad clean lemon juice strengthens nails, it needs to be rubbed in nail bed. Baths with sea salt will also help to support nails in excellent condition, 2 tablespoons of salt need to be dissolved in liter of warm water and to take in it hands within 30 minutes. Then they need to be wiped dry and to grease with nutritious cream.

2. Massage hands to improve blood circulation. Thanks to this simple procedure the condition of nails much more will improve. Begin massage with the stroking movements, move ahead from nails to wrist, carefully studying each finger. Repeat strokings several times, gradually strengthening pressure.

3. Use national recipes for treatment of nail fungus. Steam out fingers in hot water, carefully wipe them towel. Scratch out by means of the clean, disinfected file of part of nail which have begun to peel off. Drip on the processed nail tea tree oil and rub it several minutes. For the night process the injured nails oil and fix on them soft bandage if nails on hands are affected put on thin fabric gloves. The procedure needs to be repeated until grows healthy nail. Also birch tar helps to get rid of fungus, it is necessary to grease with small amount of tar nails, to record on them polyethylene, and from above soft bandage. It is better to do this procedure for the night.

4. Pay attention to food if your nails constantly break, became thinned and yellow. It is possible to return to nails beauty and force eating products which part gelatin is. Large amount of this substance contains in jellied dishes, jelly, jellies.

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