As from the blonde to become fair-haired

As from the blonde to become fair-haired

Fair-haired color has set of shades, from very light to dark. It is possible to be recoloured from the blonde in two stages, especially, if the hair color artificial and has been earlier decoloured or melirovan.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - coloring shampoo;
  • - tonic.


  1. To pick up the necessary shade of fair-haired, use computer technology or for a start use coloring shampoo or tonic of right color. Even if you will remain are dissatisfied with result, it easy can be corrected, in 4 weeks you will have initial hair color.
  2. If you after all have finally decided to be recoloured from the blonde and to become the owner of natural hair color, use the painting lists of the famous producers. Advantage of coloring of color blond in any shades is that it is not necessary to clarify hair previously. You receive any shade fair-haired practically at once, but at the same time do not forget if your color blond artificial and you decoloured curls, time of influence of the painting structure earlier it is necessary to reduce by third.
  3. In order that the fair-haired hair color was fixed, carry out repeated coloring in 2-4 weeks. If you dye hair for the first time and blond is your natural color, hold the painting structure applied on curls it is exactly so much how many it is specified by the producer on packing.
  4. In the conditions of salon to you can carry out absolutely safe coloring, and even on earlier decoloured hair paint will lay down equal tone and will not be washed away in the subsequent. When carrying out elyuminirovaniye each hair is covered with protective film therefore the hair color turns out equal, saturated and it is not washed away, as at usual coloring. If you do not accept that color fair-haired which has turned out, the master will wash away paint special structure, and you receive initial shade which you had prior to procedure of coloring. The only lack of elyuminirovaniye is the price. However undoubted plus is safety and faultlessness of color that not always manages to be reached at usual coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team