As gel polish is applied

As gel polish is applied

Beautiful and tidy female hands are always reason for admiration. Lately it became slightly simpler to make manicure more durable. For this purpose gel polishes which at the correct drawing can remain without damages on nails within two weeks are used.

It is required to you

  • It is required to you:
  • - grinder;
  • - the degreasing means;
  • - base;
  • - gel polish;
  • - finish;
  • - UF-lamp.


1. At first the nail plate needs to be ground. The special nail file which texture very gently and softly levels nail is for this purpose used without leaving scratches. Do not use usual nail file, even melkoabrazivny at all. We degrease the surface of nail special means or alcohol, vodka, means on the basis of acetone.

2. Then we cover nail plate with primer. At the correct covering the primer evaporates right after the movement of brush.

3. We put basis on gel polish. Means is put with thin layer, sealing tip and faces. We dry basis in the UF-lamp of seconds 2-3 minutes.

4. We apply color varnish or if it is the service jacket white on nail tip. Also we seal faces and the basis of nail plate. We dry in the UF-lamp of 2 minutes, some varnishes for full hardening need slightly more time. On each bottle necessary time of drying is written.

5. Then we put the second varnish coat according to the same scheme, as the first. We dry in lamp of 3 minutes.

6. We cover ready result with fixer, sealing varnish borders at faces and the basis. We dry 2 minutes.

7. If necessary we remove sticky layer the same degreaser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team